Singtel Dash Christmas Promotion – Great for Grab Top-Ups, and What Did I Get from 30 Shakes?

Singtel Dash is running a Christmas promo and I must say it’s a pretty good bonus for Dash users, and it might tempt more people to sign up. After using Dash for certain transactions until 31st December, you get to shake the Dash snow globe, and each Shake gives you a prize.

Each prize is a chance to get Dash points, up to a whopping 1 million points (worth $2,000), or one of the crappier discount coupons. You can view the full list of prizes here, and unless you’re buying stuff from the list of merchants, you’d probably either wish for Dash points or the $3 cashback for hawkers.

Cute, not nearly as addictive as scratch cards

To earn each Shake, you have to do one of the following:

  • Top up $20 to a hi! SIM Card 
  • Top up an international prepaid card with $10
  • Remit $400
  • Make a $10 purchase

Most people would probably find the last activity relevant, and an easy way to get more Shakes is to top up your Grab in $10 denominations. Be careful though, Grab seems to block top ups on your account for a couple of days if you top up too many times. The magic number seems to be 10 a day, and I’ve also heard you can’t exceed 7 in an hour. I would err on the side of caution and spread my top ups over a few days since this promotion runs until the end of the month.

Sign up

Download the Dash app and use referral code DASH-OZ9G2. Spend at least $3 to get $3 cashback! Further sign up for Dash PET and get more cashback and up to 1.5% returns on your savings.

My haul so far

I currently have 30 Shakes, and it’s probably not a very good sample size but it should still serve as a rough indicator of what one can expect from this promo:

  • 1,000 Dash points x 1
  • 500 Dash points x 2
  • 100 points x 1
  • 250 Dash points x 3
  • 50 Dash points x 2
  • $3 cashback for hawker x 1
  • Various cashback coupons x 20

Each Dash point is generally worth 0.2 cents each, which means I got about $5.90 value from 2,950 Dash points, as well as $3 towards my next meal. Given that I spent $300 in all, that’s a pretty decent 2.97% cashback equivalent, and this is on top of the Dash points I earned – up to 1.2% cashback equivalent if you refer to my previous article on Dash.

At more than 4% cashback, I’m definitely going to continue using Dash until I expend my Dash credits. Again, I do recognise that 30 is a relatively small number, so do share what you got and the number of prizes you got so we can better evaluate the average reward rate for this promo. See you in the Telegram chat!

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