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POSB Cashback1 × product application
Vantage Annual fee waiver1 × product application
Balance TransferNo longer available; method is closed since 5th July 2023.
Bill Payment (Income Tax, Insurance etc.)No longer available; method is closed from mid November 2023 onwards 2 × product application (from 1st October 2023 onwards)
1% cashback on Grab top-upNo longer available; method is closed since around 6th December 2023
1 × product application (from 5th November 2023)
New Method For Bill Payment (Income Tax, Insurance etc.)2 × product applications
(You can use at most one older application, or leave a comment on the YouTube Video to qualify as one application. At least 1 application from 18th May 2024 6PM onwards is still required.)

On pause after 31st May 2024. Stay subscribed for updates


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    • Note the application reference number (for Webull, use last 3 digits of mobile number)
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Frequently asked questions

When will I receive the email?
Within a week or so. Please check your spam folder.

I have yet to receive the email after waiting for a week
Please email with the details you submitted to the Google Form.

Why does it take so long?
It takes time to verify the eligibility of the product application. Please provide full details of your application to minimise waiting time.

I don’t have Telegram
You may download the app for free and sign up for an account.

I am no longer a new cardholder to any of the banks
You can still sign up for another card as an existing cardholder and still qualify (provided you complete the rewards form). There are also trading apps that you can choose from.

I have a question
Please email

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