How To Get $5 eCapitaVoucher for 3,500 STAR$ Each (SP GreenUP Guide)

Update 30/08/2021: SP announced a huge change which severely limits the utility of SP GreenUP. The below calculation still stands, but the maximum number of redemptions is now a paltry 3 times (it was previously unlimited).

One of the gems I was happy to find in mid-December last year was getting eCapitaVouchers at a highly discounted rate of 3,500 STAR$ (instead of the usual 5,000 STAR$), and the good news is that the promotion has been extended beyond 2020 to the whole of this year.

Don’t have CapitaStar yet? Sign up for CapitaStar here and you can get up to $8 eCapitaVoucher!

Download the SP Utilities app for GreenUP

To unlock this discounted rate, you have to download the SP Utilities app. You are not required to use SP as your electrical provider for this, although it does help you reach the goal much faster.

After registering an account, look for GreenUP which is where you are required to grow a digital plant to unlock rewards.

Collecting leaves

There are three main ways you can collect leaves to grow your plant. I have marked easy tasks to do with an * so you can focus on those if you want the least hassle.

My Green Stamps

This is the first section under the Challenges tab, and this is where you will earn leaves each day towards getting your Plant. Look for items that say 0 / 5 stamps (the rest require purchase at physical stores) and claim each promo code for 3 leaves*.

There are 11 such items in all (press See All for the full list), and each resets daily, so make sure to “harvest” those promo codes which you’d probably not use for the leaves. Don’t worry about the maximum number of 5; it doesn’t really mean anything as it resets once you reach that number.

This gives you 33 leaves per day.

Stay Home Warriors*

Under Stay Home Warriors, you can easily get 6 leaves per day just by acknowledging the three tips given per day.

More Green Challenges

Under More Green Challenges, there are a few one-off challenges that can shorten your plant-growing process, as well as recurring ones for daily and weekly leaves.

One-off Tasks*
You can take one-off quizzes for easy leaves, and you can reap an easy 400 leaves from adding 8 family members to your SP account (provided you have one). (You didn’t hear it from here – removing and readding your family member counts towards the 8)

You can also opt for paperless statements and subscribe to SP’s mailing lists, but at 20 leaves each I think you can ignore them if you don’t really want to.

Daily Tasks*
Energy Hero Jump! is a cute little game that nets you 1 leaf per day. You’d probably tire of the game after one or two tries, so thankfully you can close the game immediately after launching it for your leaf.

Weekly Tasks*
Each week, you can also take the Eco Board Weekly Quiz for 20 leaves, and you need to scan the QR code at certain HDB blocks in Tampines for this. Members in our chat group has actually found the link to the quiz so you need not make the trip down to the far-flung east. You should join the chat group for more useful tips and ask questions if you have any.

Monthly Tasks
Each month, if you are able to decrease your utility use with SP, you get 50 leaves. You can also get a further 20 leaves by paying for your SP bill.

How long does it take to get to Plant?

To sum it up, you are able to easily collect 40 leaves a day from Green Stamps, Stay Home Warriors, and Energy Hero Jump! tasks, plus 20 leaves a week from the Eco Board Weekly Quiz.

To get to the ultimate level of Plant, you need to collect 1,200 leaves. That means it takes at most 4 weeks to reach this stage (spending about 5 minutes each day completing tasks on the app), and you can shave a great deal of time off this by completing all the one-off tasks.

Redeeming your STAR$

Once you have achieved the Plant stage, go to GreenUP → Rewards → CapitaStar Rewards → Link my CapitaStar account.

You have to find your CapitaStar Member ID in your CapitaStar app and input it here. If you don’t have one, google around for a good sign-up code.

Thereafter, go to GreenUP → Rewards → CapitaStar Rewards → See All, and look for $5 eCapitaStar Voucher:

From here, you are able to redeem your vouchers at the discounted rate. Despite what the text says about $100 blocks, you can only do this $5 at a time. Update June 2021: They have added a $100 eCapitaVoucher redemption

Pair it with GrabRewards for maximum impact

Grab offers STAR$ redemptions every now and then, and this discounted rate would allow you to optimise the value of your Grab points. One may not earn many STAR$ through buying stuff at CapitaMalls, but earning Grab Points is quite easy since you can use GrabPay at many places.

Join our Telegram chat group where members would give each other heads ups on such deals.

Parting words

I hope you enjoy getting more vouchers out of your STAR$!

Oh and try not to get overly triggered by this:

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