What’s the Value of My Points?

Reward points can be confusing, and that’s perhaps one of the features for the companies offering them. If you have ever wondered how much is one ThankYou Point worth, or how much is one DBS Point compared to the value of an OCBC$, you have come to the right place.

Here I attempt to list out all the different points one can earn in Singapore, and it’s definitely not exhaustive. Do comment below or in the Telegram post’s comments to add more info for everyone’s benefit!

Value of each point ≠ earn rate

It is extremely important to note that having a higher value does not mean that a particular card is superior. For earn rate of cards, check out this post instead.

For instance, each OCBC$ is worth 0.4 miles while each DBS Point is worth 2 miles, but this does not mean that DBS cards are necessarily better. The optimal earn rate of the OCBC Titanium Reward is 10 OCBC$ per dollar which translates into 4 miles per dollar, while the optimal earn rate of the DBS Woman World Mastercard is 2 DBS Points per dollar which also translates into 4 miles per dollar. Both cards are generally on par when it comes to the value of their rewards (assuming you are able to fulfil their conditions for the higher earn rate).

Credit cards

Value in MilesMinimum RedemptionValue in Cash RebateMinimum RedemptionValue in VouchersRemarks
1 Amex Membership Point0.556 miles250 miles
(450 points)
0.48 cents$4.80
(1,000 points)
0.455 cents
1 Citi Mile1 mile10,000 miles
(10,000 points)
0.606 centsNone
(offset purchases)
0.763 cents
1 Citi ThankYou Point0.4 miles10,000 miles
(25,000 points)
0.227 centsNone
(offset purchases)
0.298 cents
1 DBS Point2 miles10,000 miles
(5,000 points)
1 centNone
(offset purchases)
1.25 centsRegular monthly promos for cash rebate redemptions
1 HSBC Reward Point0.4 miles10,000 miles
(25,000 points)
0.25 cents$10
(4,000 points)
0.25 cents
1 Maybank Treats Point0.4 miles10,000 miles
(25,000 points)
0.294 cents$50
(17,000 points)
0.299 centsUse app; website requires more points
1 OCBC$0.4 miles10,000 miles
(25,000 points)
0.278 cents$10
(3,600 points)
0.260 cents0.260 cents when redeeming for vouchers
1 OCBC Travel$1 mile1,000 miles
(1,000 points)
1 cent$10
(1,000 points)
0.980 cents0.980 cents when redeeming for vouchers
1 StanChart Reward Point0.29 miles1,015 miles
(3,500 points)
(32,000 points)
0.357 centsSmart Card’s min redemption is $10 (3,200 points)
1 StanChart Reward Point
(Visa Infinite)
0.4 miles1,000 miles
(2,500 points)
(32,000 points)
0.357 cents
1 UOB UNI$2 miles10,000 miles
(5,000 points)
1 cent$20
(2,000 points)
0.9 cents
(Visa Signature, Privilege banking, UOB Reserve, Visa Infinite, PRVI miles)
2 miles10,000 miles
(5,000 points)
1.15 cents$100
(8,700 points)
0.9 cents

Value in Miles – self explanatory; the number of miles you get per point.

Value in Cash Rebate – the amount of cash rebate you get per point. Some banks allow you to offset purchases made on your card, while some only allow you to redeem in blocks of $10/$50 etc.

Value in Vouchers – the amount of vouchers you get per point. Different redemptions tend to cost different amounts; amounts shown are for mall voucher redemptions (e.g. CapitaLand, Lendlease etc.) where possible. Do look through the respective reward catalogues for redemptions that are relevant to you and may be of better value.

Banks also tend to offer redemption promos every now and then that boosts the value of each point.


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Wallet apps

PointValue in MilesMinimum RedemptionValue in CashbackMinimum RedemptionRemarks
1 Grab point0.1 miles100 miles
(1,000 points)
0.2 centsNone
(offset purchases)
Frequent pointsback/flash sale promos that boosts value of points

Mall reward programmes

PointValue in MilesMinimum RedemptionValue in CashbackMinimum RedemptionRemarks
1 CapitaMall STAR$0.0384 miles380 miles
(9,880 STAR$)
0.1 cents

0.143 cents*
0.1 cents → offset purchases
0.143 cents → $5 voucher (3,500 points)
*SP GreenUP boosts value
1 FarEast SFE$N/AN/A1 to 1.19 cents$5 voucher
(500 points)
$10 voucher
(900 points)
$50 voucher
(4,200 points)
1 LendLeaseN/AN/A0.05 cents$5 voucher
(10,000 points)
1 Fraser PointN/AN/A0.5 cents$2.50 voucher
(500 points)

Frequent flyer programmes

PointValue in MilesMinimum RedemptionValue in CashbackMinimum Redemption
1 Singapore Air KrisFlyer Mile1 mileN/A0.8 cents (KrisShop)
0.67 cents (KrisPay)
(offset purchases)

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