PSA: Google Pay Increases Rewards, and Users are Reporting Better Scratch Cards; Get $8 On Sign Up!

Two things I need to tell you if you still don’t have Google Pay: first of all, wow. Secondly, great job on your procrastination! You can now get an easy $8 when you sign up.

If you’re an existing Google Pay user, the scratch cards are better than ever before, and I wonder if it’s a temporary bug.

Sign-up reward

  1. Download Google Pay here
  2. Go to Settings and turn on Rewards and Offers
  3. Make a payment of at least $10 to a friend (doesn’t need to be on Google Pay) and link your PayLah/OCBC/StanChart account
  4. Get your sign up reward upon completion of the transfer

Current sign up reward for Google Pay: get S$3 when you use my referral link and make a transaction of at least S$10. This is as of April 2024.

Better reward mechanics

For the rest of December, Google seems to be going all out to woo usage of their app. On top of boosting the sign-up reward, they have improved the reward mechanics for various activities.

Paying your friends who are on Google Pay is better now: both the sender and recipient gets scratch cards up to thrice a week! Also, you can also get 4 scratch cards from Tap & Scan (using Google Pay as your NFC payment option on Android phones) and a further 4 scratch cards on Scan & Pay (using Google Pay to scan PayNow QR codes) every week. These are up from the usual two or three per week.

There’s a whole laundry list of offers which you should definitely check out in the app.

Unusually higher amounts for scratch cards

People who have been using Google Pay for a while would grouse about the relatively low amounts given – usually under a $1. There is such a thing as too little free money, someone at Google probably thought, and it seems that the scratch cards now give a minimum of $1, at least for Scan & Pay.

Users in the Telegram group have also been reporting unusually higher amounts of money being doled out by these scratch cards, and this has been my experience too.

One particularly lucky user even got 3 high amounts in 6 cards:

I wonder if it’s a bug, and if it’s related to various Google services experiencing downtime today in Singapore. Whatever it is, I think it’s best to quickly earn your scratch cards before Google realises their algorithm is making it rain more dollars than cents. Find more tips on how to get more scratch cards in the Telegram group!

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