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Last updated: 24th May 2024

🔥 Great deal
💳 Sign-up gifts for existing bank customers

CardsRewardsEndingRemarksReward Provider
🔥Citi CardsGet miles or S$300 cashback! Or choose between gadgets or S$350 S$450 eCapitaVouchers

Option for Rewards Upgrade
2nd June 2024Citi or SingSaver
🔥💳Citi PrestigeGet 50,000 miles, even for existing Citi cardholders31st May 2024Works even for existing Citi cardholders. Great deal offsets annual fees; useful features.Citi
🔥Maybank CardsS$200 cashback, suitcases, AirPods, or 10,000 milesOngoingMaybank
DBS CardsDBS yuu: $388 cashback

DBS Vantage: 85,000 bonus miles

DBS Altitude: 43,400 bonus miles 

DBS Takashimaya:
S$150 cashback
31st May 2024Many DBS promos work even for existing DBS cardholders!DBS
CIMB CardsStay subscribed for updatesN/ASingSaver
🔥StanChartGadgets or S$330 cash + bonus S$50 regardless of gift choice2nd June 2024StanChart
🔥💳HSBC CardsS$350 eCapitaVoucher or gadgets

Option for Rewards Upgrade
2nd June 2024Existing HSBC cardholders get some rewards too!HSBC
🔥UOB CardsUp to 31,000 Miles!31st May 2024UOB
Amex CardsAmex True Cashback: S$150!

Amex Platinum Charge: up to 140,000 points
4th June 2024Amex/SingSaver
Multiple promos happening in-app
OngoingWallet app with great promos and extra rewards
No income requirement
Big PayS$5 cashbackOngoingWallet app; no income requirementDirect
iChangeS$5OngoingMulti-currency wallet app
No income requirement
YouTripS$5OngoingMulti-currency wallet app
No income requirement
🔥Instarem Amaze325 points (S$3.25)OngoingMulti-currency wallet app
No income requirement
For quick reference only. Please check respective terms and conditions for full details.

Click here for a list of non-card deals.

For card deals: please remember to fill up the Singsaver form in your email with the reference number of your card application (unless no email was entered at the start). No form no rewards!

Information provided here is for reference only. Please refer to the respective terms and conditions for each promo before proceeding.


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10 thoughts on “Card Deals

  1. Hi Seth,

    I am rather new to credit cards and would like to hear your advise on which card should i consider getting for a first timer? Thanks.

    1. Hi Kenny, thanks for your comment.

      It very much depends on your spending habits (monthly spending amount, what you spend on etc.) and if you are the kind who would go out of your way to optimise your rewards. Perhaps start with that and I can give better advice.

      For cashback, I would suggest DBS LiveFresh which is 5% on minimum $600 spend on PayWave and online (but max $400 on each). Quite easy to use. Generally, if you want to chase miles, you can look at CitiRewards + GPMC for fuss-free 4 mpd.

      But do let me know more if you want more accurate advice, and I would appreciate if you sign up for cards through here!

    2. Hi Seth,

      Thanks for your reply and sorry for the late reply. I just entered the working world not too long ago and my monthly spending habits is rather simple for now. Just for food, transportation etc. As such, which would you recommend? Thanks for your advise.

    3. You can probably look at Maybank FnF card if you can hit $500 to $800 a month on dining and transport. I will email you the form.

      Otherwise DBS LiveFresh is also a good contender.

      For miles I’ll look at UOB Preferred Platinum (PayWave and online) and UOB PriviMiles (everything else and transportation for a limited time).

      Apply for these cards in the links above, and don’t forget to get some cards for the generous sign-up bonuses!

  2. Hi Seth,

    If we use google pay and link with StanChart Unlimited cashback card, do we still get 1.5% cashback from StanChart? 🙂

  3. Hi Seth,

    Would like to check if i link StanChart Unlimited Cashback card with google pay… and i spend on MRT expenses.
    do i still get 1.5% cashback from StanChart?

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