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The website was registered way back in 2012 and you can even find a few posts dated in year 2019, but I consider January 2020 the official launch of this very website. It was the month I got a lot more serious about writing for the website, and it has since grown quite a bit. 2022 itself was 2020 and 2021’s numbers put together, and between the hundreds of posts and various avenues I put content out on, I figured a guide might come in useful. strives to be a valuable resource to working adults, and this guide aims to clarify how best you can maximise your enjoyment and utility of the website.

I am currently active on three platforms for personal finance stuff:

Telegram Channel and Groups

Telegram is a large part of the experience of using this site. You get updates on new content and great deals, and you also get to discuss all things personal finance with people who share this interest.

The Telegram Channel
The channel is the main way people get updates from this website – more than 7,000 discerning individuals have subscribed to receive updates that can improve one’s financial situation. These posts range from great deals to personal finance content which are targetted at working adults concerned about optimising their finances.

Leaving notifications on is highly recommended to get important updates, particularly time-sensitive ones, in a timely manner. On average, subscribers get one post per day so you do not need to worry about unwanted notifications.

In the Channel, you can leave comments, but you will not be able to join in group discussions until you join the chat group.

Every subscriber also helps me to make the site more appealing to companies and financial institutions looking to promote their products and services. Not only is it a free and easy way to show support for the site, it also means that we are likely to get special deals when we have more people in the Telegram channel.

Do this: subscribe and leave notifications on

The Main Chat Group (Cashback, Miles, Promos, Personal Finance)
The main group is where astute people talk about all things personal finance with a focus on credit cards, promos, savings account and other practical topics that working adults in Singapore would find useful. There are often a lot of useful information about various things that are not covered on the site. Chat members also provide alternate opinions to the things I share on this site.

In fact, I have learnt a lot from the chat group, and I even leave notifications on so that I don’t miss any important message.

Feel free to ask questions in the chat group and everyone can benefit from the discussion, but do make a search on the topic you are enquiring on first. Also, try to always quote reply someone (right click, or long press someone’s message, then tap reply) so that everyone can see a threaded conversation that is easier to follow.

Subscribing to the Channel and joining the group chat may lead to duplicate notifications for posts sent out by the Channel. I would appreciate you mute the Channel rather than leave it. The Channel will still be a good way for you to browse posts, and again having the numbers in the Channel help the site out.

Do this: after joining the Channel, join the chat group. You may mute the Telegram Channel thereafter.

The Alternate Chat Group (Sethisfy Speakeasy)
Speakeasy, as the name suggests, is where people can… speak easy. It’s a place we discuss about off-topic stuff, although given our shared interest for personal finance you’d even see a deeper discussions into things like miles versus cashback and other money matters.

The chat is a good place to talk unrelated stuff with likeminded individuals, and I like that this group can be less restrained in how we discuss any given topic. It allows us to be more chatty while leaving the Main Group more focussed.

Optional: join the Speakeasy for even more discussion

The website

Content by categories
There are now more than 700 posts on this site, and the easiest way to delve into a particular topic would be to go into each category. You can find the categories displayed on the side if you’re using a computer or a tablet, and nearer to the bottom of each page if you are on a phone.

You can also search for keywords, and the search bar is found above the list of categories.

Another way you can sort through the content is using the Telegram channel to see a chronological list of posts. There is also a search function you can use within the Telegram app.

On top of categories, I am also going to focus on organising information into several Columns. The first two to start with would be Credit Cards and Savings. You can also find these links on the Navigation Bar of the website, and these are pages where you’ll find useful resources and constantly updated info on the topic at hand.

Product reviews
From credit cards to bank accounts and trading apps, financial products are an essential part of one’s personal finances… well, good products anyway. I have been writing and filming reviews of many products and you can find them here.

Products are often made better with deals, and you can get significant amount of rewards. I feature compelling deals on and it’s a good place to look through before you sign up for your next credit card, banking account, or trading account.

Subscribing to the Telegram channel/group will also allow you to get updates as great deals are announced.

Sign-ups tend to generate some revenue for this website and keeps it going, so I thank you for your support.

YouTube Channel

The YouTube Channel, Sethisfy Personal Finance, was started in August 2021. The videos I make on YouTube are a great complement to the things on this site, and a video format allows for content types that are not quite possible with just written words.

At the same time, most of the videos will come with accompanying written articles, and I find that having both types of content is the right way to deliver information. Some things are best said verbally, while some are best presented in written form. Often, you’d get the most value by both watching the video and reading the article.

The channel’s videos are categorised in playlists, so pop over to the channel and pick a topic you like. You can then search on this site/Telegram to find the written article if you so desire.

2023 and beyond

If you want some backstory to this site, I’ve just recently rewritten my About Page. The long and short of it is that it’s this website’s goal is to be as useful as possible to working adults in Singapore. I’m excited to continue working on this objective in 2023 and beyond.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, I would love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below, or in the Telegram.

Keep up to date on the best cashback/mile cards, financial products, attractive deals, and more tips to maximise your financial wellbeing by subscribing to my Telegram channel.

Subscribe to the channel, then join the group chat. You would often benefit from the tips shared exclusively in the group chat!

Disclaimer: I may receive an affiliate/referral fee when you sign up for services/products on this site, and such fees keep the site running. I would only recommend services/products I would personally use or recommend to my own friends and family, but I do not provide any warranty or guarantee for the quality of these services/products. Thank you for supporting my site!

Please exercise due diligence when signing up for any service/product as I will not be liable for any personal loss, financial or otherwise. Content published here are my sole views and personal opinion, and none of the information here constitutes personal financial advice nor represents the views of my employer(s).

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