SingSaver Best Deal Guarantee: Get the Highest Offers Or Claim Grab Vouchers!

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If you have been paying attention to the deals in October, you’d realise that SingSaver offers have been very compelling. In fact, SingSaver is so confident that it is offering the best deals in the market right now, it is doing something unprecedented – until 30th November 2023 31st March 2024, SingSaver is offering a Best Deal Guarantee programme.

The programme does what you think its name suggests – be certain that you are getting the best deals from SingSaver, or they’ll give you rewards up to double the difference!

Programme details

This programme will be from 25th October 2023 (6PM) to 30th November 2023 7th January 2024 and applies when you sign up for credit cards with SingSaver from banks like StanChart, HSBC, CIMB and more. It also applies to things like insurance (e.g. travel, car, home etc.) that you purchase through SingSaver.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up with SingSaver (check out offers here)
  2. Find somewhere that has a better offer or price quote than SingSaver’s 
  3. Submit a claim with proof of better offer and your SingSaver application
  4. Get rewards of up to 2X the deal price/quote difference* upon successful claim

Based on the difference in value between the offers, you can stand to get the following vouchers when you claim successfully: 

Difference in value between Original SingSaver Offer and Third Party Offer* Digital Voucher Value (Grab) (“Promotion Reward”) 
S$0.01 – S$4.99 S$10 
S$5.00 – S$9.99 S$20 
S$10 – S$19.99 S$40 
S$20 – S$49.99 S$100 
S$50 – S$99.99 S$200 
>S$100 S$300 

An example would be if you signed up for a HSBC Credit Card through SingSaver and this includes applying through my SingSaver links. SingSaver is currently giving gifts worth as much as S$759, so if you can find another rewards portal offering a sign-up gift of S$760, you can file a claim and get a bonus S$10 vouchers!

If they offer S$809 (S$50 higher than SingSaver’s offer), you can get as much as S$200 of Grab vouchers for your claim! Remember, this is on top of your sign-up offer! In such a situation where you find another channel offering you a better sign-up promo which is S$50 higher than SingSaver’s offer, you will walk away with:

  • S$759 gift (SingSaver reward)
  • S$200 Grab vouchers (Best Deal Guarantee claim)

Great deals

Check out these great deals currently ongoing:

Terms and conditions

There are of course some terms and conditions you should take note of. The higher offer must be publicly available and be online for a minimum of 24 hours from the time the first claim is submitted to SingSaver.

This is so that SingSaver has time to review the competing offer. Note that the 24-hour waiting period is only for the first claim of the same product submitted to SingSaver. In the event someone has already submitted it before you, the 24 hours applies to that person’s submission. 

For instance, if I applied for Credit Card X, realised that a competitor is offering a higher reward, and filed a claim on 31st October 2023 1PM, the competing offer must be available until at least 1st November 2023 1PM for SingSaver to review the competitor’s offer. If you also applied for Credit Card X on 1st November 2023 at 10AM and submitted your claim, you would be eligible for the claim even if the competing offer is terminated on 1st November 2023 at 2PM because a similar claim for the same product has been filed. 

*You should view the full terms and conditions here.

Sign up with confidence 

SingSaver deals have been very attractive and often the highest you can get anywhere. Over the next month, they are even putting up heaps of Grab vouchers to guarantee this. So time to get yourself a card or two, get attractive returns, and be sure that you are getting the best deal!

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