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Markets are down and it’s a great time to invest! Kickstart your investing journey with one of these apps which give you free shares and/or stock coupons to use towards any stock you wish to purchase!

Investing involves risk, so do exercise your due diligence when putting in money. Some of these apps have paper trading features which you can use to dip your toe into the water without committing actual money.

Do find more details of each sign-up promo over here.

Trading AppSign-up GiftsReview
WebullUp to US$130 TSLA + S$10 Grab shares!
uSMART 0.5 shares of Apple (~S$112, min. deposit S$2,000)
2 shares of Apple (~S$449, min. deposit S$50,000)
S$15 Stock Coupon
Tap here
moomooS$10 Stock Cash Coupon
S$30 Fund Cash Coupon
Sure-win share between S$20 to S$1,000 value
Tap here
Tiger Brokers1 Grab Share and S$88
Syfe TradeS$70 cash credit (use code SETHISFY)Tap here
For reference only. Please refer to respective terms and conditions

What can normal people do when markets go down?

What can normal people do when markets go down the way it has in recent weeks? It’s a great time to start dollar cost averaging into diversified stock indices.

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