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Picking up great deals thanks to 11/11 sales or booking your next flight? Make sure you take a look at heymax before checking out your purchases because you can get bonus miles for your transactions!

What is this?

heymax has just released their shopping portal which lets you earn Max Miles when you first head to the Max portal first before clicking through to your merchant. Think of it like Shopback – except you get miles instead of cashback. Does that mean you should skip this because you’re not a miles person? Well, not quite, and we will compare this to Shopback later in this article.

These Max Miles are on top of your usual card rewards, so you should definitely check out heymax before making your purchase. Sign up here to instantly get 500 Max Miles!

What are Max Miles?

As the name suggests, Max Miles can be used to transfer to frequent flyer programmes for flight redemptions or hotel loyalty programmes:

ProgrammeMinimum Conversion BlockRatio
(Max: Partner)
airasia rewards
Avianca LifeMiles
British Airways Executive Club
Etihad Guest
Qantas Frequent Flyer
1,000 miles1:1
JAL Mileage Bank
Qatar Airways Privilege Club
Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles
1,000 miles1.5:1
Air Canada Aeroplan
Alaska Airlines
American Airlines
IHG One Rewards
Marriott Bonvoy
United Airlines
World of Hyatt
Wyndham Rewards
10,000 miles1:1

Some of the more pesky issues surrounding miles are expiry dates, high conversion blocks, and unnecessary conversion fees. It is thus a good thing that Max Miles do not expire and the minimum redemption amount can be as low as 1,000 for many of the airlines above. Also, there are no conversion fees to be paid regardless which programme you transfer your points to.

heymax took feedback that people wanted lowered transfer blocks and hence reduced the minimum amount to 1,000 miles for the 10 newest airlines they just added as redemption partners.

Even if you are not into the whole game of miles, Max Miles can also be exchanged for gift cards from Amazon, Grab, Cold Storage, Shopee and other merchants at a rate of 1,000 miles for S$10. This means that each mile can be valued at 1 cent each, though not as good as cash since you get it in the form of gift cards. There are also occasional sales where the gift cards are discounted to 500 miles for S$10 which further boosts the value of each mile.

Compared to Shopback

Between Shopback and heymax, which platform should we use? Whether you are a miles or cashback user, you should definitely compare them before making your purchase to get the best value.

From my own digging, here are some merchants that heymax compares very favourably against Shopback:

(existing customer)
2 miles per dollar (11/11 special)
(Usual: 1 mile per dollar)
0.1% cashback
(existing customer)
1 mile per dollar0.1% cashback
Singapore Airlines0.5 miles per dollar (11/11 special)
(Usual: 0.35 miles per dollar)
KlookUp to 3 miles per dollar (11/11 special)
(Usual: up to 2.5 miles per dollar)
Up to 2.5% cashback

At 0.1% cashback, existing customers of Shopee get basically little to no reward through Shopback. The base earn rate of heymax is 1 mile per dollar which is significantly better, and it’s even more attractive when boosted to 2 miles per dollar for 11/11.

With heymax, you can also get 1 mile per dollar for Lazada purchases, and even if you don’t like miles, it’s hard to ignore this when the competition only offers 0.1%.

Singapore Airlines would be a great spot to pick up extra miles when booking your next flight, and Shopback has no rewards for this.

Of course, Shopback has been around for a longer time than heymax which only started its shopping portal this year. I remember being a little paranoid in Shopback’s earlier days, redeeming each time I had S$10, the minimum redemption amount for Shopback.

It is likely that until heymax builds more trust with its user base, most people would redeem their Max Miles as quickly as possible. Thankfully, that is doable since you can convert from as low as 1,000 Max Miles for their gift cards and some airline partners.

Sign up for 500 Max Miles!

To kick things off, you get 500 Max Miles when you sign up through my link. You also get 1,000 Max Miles when you refer your friends who go on to earn 2,000 Max Miles on their own. When it comes to referrals, it’s always good to be early to a platform so you can refer more people.


With bonus miles to be earned and great earn rates for some merchants, heymax is a platform you should definitely check out when you’re doing your 11/11 shopping. More than 15 million miles have already been earned by the community, so sign up today for your sign-up miles and start racking up miles for your next flight!

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