GrabRewards 25% Pointsback Flash Sale (Until 14th July)

Thanks Xris for the heads up!

Grab is having a 25% pointsback flash sale for certain reward redemptions with your Grab points. While this isn’t as generous as the 35% pointsback sale we had last month, it’s definitely better than redeeming your Grab points at a 0.2 cents per point valuation during normal periods.

Discounted redemptions and value per Grab point

To access the catalog, tap on your points balance in the main screen of the Grab app, and you’ll see a section titled 25% Pointsback. You pay the full amount of points for the redemption, and 25% of the points are instantly rebated to you. The sale is until 14th July or while stocks last.

ItemPoints to RedeemPoints RebateValue per Grab point
$5 Ezbuy coupon2,5006250.267¢
$5 Razer Gold gift card2,5006250.267¢
$5 Watsons e-voucher2,5006250.267¢
$10 ZALORA gift card
$20 Lazada voucher10,0002,5000.267¢
$5 Paris Baguette voucher2,5006250.267¢
$3 Starbucks voucher1,5003750.267¢
5,000 STAR$2,5006250.381¢*
*Valuation assumes SP GreenUP Plant Tier achieved

As usual, STAR$ is the most compelling redemption provided you successfully complete SP GreenUP – something you should definitely do if you have stashes of Grab points and/or STAR$. By converting Grab points to STAR$ then eCapitaVouchers, you not only get a high valuation for your Grab points, you also get to use these eCapitaVouchers across CapitaLand’s numerous malls and merchants.


Limited: get a free AAPL share with Tiger Brokers! It’s worth almost S$200!

Even if you have not completed GreenUP yet, you can still redeem your Grab points for STAR$ while this sale is on, and convert your STAR$ to eCapitaVouchers only when you have achieved the Plant Tier.

Unlike last month’s rather crazy sale, STAR$ redemptions are limited to 20 times per user.


Grab flash sales have reached 35 to 50% discounts before, so 25% definitely looks less generous. No telling the future though; we might have better or worse deals in future and nobody knows but Grab.

It definitely is better than using your points at its normal 0.2-cent valuation, and such sales have been happening often enough you shouldn’t be redeeming your Grab points outside of such sales.

Would you be redeeming your points now, or are you holding out for a better sale? Let us know in the Telegram or comments below!

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