Grab Power Up Challenge July 2021

It’s 15th of the month and that means another Grab Power Up Challenge!

Challenge details

You can tap here on your phone and opt into the challenge which will run until end of 14th August 2021, or until the spots for each challenge run out.

Compared to last month, Grab has become less generous, generally making the requirements more stringent for some tiers, while reducing the rewards for others. It’s not entirely clear how these tiers are assigned by Grab, but it seems like whether you completed the previous month’s challenge factors in which tier you get this month.

Top-up AmountNumber of TransactionsSpend AmountRewardSpots
$1005$1002,500 points10,000
$30010$2505,000 points7,000
$60015$5007,500 points3,000
$80015$75010,000 points1,500
$1,10020$1,00012,000 points1,000
$1,60020$1,500 15,000 points1,500
$2,10025$2,00020,000 points2,500

Do note that there are exclusions which can be found here.


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Earn rates

Spend AmountRewardRebate AmountRebate Percent
$1002,500 points$55%
$2505,000 points$104%
$5007,500 points$153%
$75010,000 points$202.67%
$1,00012,000 points$242.4%
$1,50015,000 points$302%
$2,00020,000 points$402%

The earn rates are all down from last month, which is quite disappointing. Nonetheless, this is on top of the basic reward that Grab already gives:

GrabPay earn rates

Points to Qualify0>300>1,200>4,500
Points earned per dollar334.56
Approximate rebate*0.6%0.6%0.9%1.2%
As of 22nd March 2021
*Boost your Grab point value with SP GreenUP, and waiting for sales.

How to increase the earn rates further

Complete SP GreenUP
For $2,000 of spend, one gets 32,000 points (20,000 from the challenge + 12,000 from the base earning as a Platinum member) which is worth $64 (3.2% rebate) at the base value of Grab points. This is also the lowest earn rate since the additional rebate is only 2% compared to the other tiers.

With SP GreenUP completed, however, one can get roughly $91 ($90 actually, since you can only redeem in blocks of $5) of eCapitaVouchers by redeeming discounted vouchers through SP GreenUP. This boosts it to a 4.55% rebate.

Wait for Grab sales to redeem your points
Grab has the occasional sale, which coupled with SP GreenUP gives the best value for your Grab points. If we take the recent 25% sale, one would get $122 in eCapitaVouchers with the 32,000 points, making it a 6.09% rebate.

Top up with these cards
And as usual, topping up your Grab also generates rewards of 1.5 to 1.7%, and is cherry on the cake.

True Cashback

New customers

  • S$160 cash* or ErgoTune Classic (worth S$399)*
  • S$20 CapitaVouchers^
  • 3% cashback on first $5,000 within 6 months

Valid until 17th August 2021

Existing customers

  • S$100 cash*
  • S$20 CapitaVouchers^

Valid until 31st July 2021

  • min. spend of S$500 must be made within the first month of card approval
    ^ sign up with SingPass MyInfo and make one spend of minimum $1

Absolute Cashback

New customers
Enjoy a bonus 3.3% cashback on your first spend of S$3,000 (total 5% cashback)
Bonus cashback capped at S$99 on first spend of S$3,000

Valid till 30th September 2021

World Mastercard

Annual income: $50,000

New to bank
$130 via PayNow or Marshall IV Headphones (worth S$269) – make min. spend of $500/mth for 2 months

Until 31st August 2021

Spend on GrabPay Card Accelerator categories
GrabPay Card Accelerator is also reset together with each Power Up Challenge, and your first 20 transactions until 14th August will get extra 4 points (or 0.8% base rebate) on categories of groceries, gym memberships, streaming services, software, app & ebook purchases, as well as dining and takeaway meals. This is capped to 500 bonus points per transaction ($125 spend).


Despite the lowered earn rates, the rebates are still attractive enough for you to put spending on your GrabCard ahead of all almost every other card you may have. This is provided you have Platinum status on Grab and have completed SP GreenUP.

With these two conditions met, even the lowest earn rate of the $2,000 tier becomes attractive (if you can meet the spend requirement): 4.55% (boosted from 3.2% by SP GreenUP) + 1.7% (cashback on top up) gives 6.25% rebate. This earn rate further goes up if you redeem during Grab sales, and spend on Accelerator categories which give bonus points.

Moreover, GrabPay can be used at many places that don’t accept credit cards, making this even more compelling.

Given how the challenges recur each month as well as how it’s relatively easy to reach Platinum on Grab and complete GreenUP, it would be wise to reach both conditions for future challenges, and also get a card that’d give rewards on your top ups if you haven’t already done so.

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