Grab Power Up Challenge June 2021

Another month has come and gone, and another Grab Power Up Challenge is upon us, and it’s a timely opportunity to farm Grab points to replace those we expended in getting discounted STAR$. The format changed in April, with a bunch of exclusions thrown in.

Challenge details

Since May, it appears that the challenges are offered to users based on their spending habits the last month. Here are the different tiers for 15th June to 14th July:

Top-up AmountNumber of TransactionsSpend AmountRewardSpots
$1005$1003,000 points8,000
$30010$2507,500 points5,000
$80015$75015,000 points4,000
$1,60020$1,50020,000 points3,000

You can tap here on your phone and opt into the challenge.

Earn rates

If you’re at the lowest spending tier of $100, your rebate is 3,000 points which is worth $6 at the base value of 0.2 cents each. That’s equivalent to 6% rebate.

At the $250 tier, you get 7,500 points which is worth $15 at least, or 6% rebate as well.

At the $750 spend tier, you get 15,000 points which is worth $30, or 4% additional rebate.

At the $1,500 spend tier, you get 20,000 points which is worth $40, or 2.67% additional rebate.

These rates are on top of the Grab points you earn on your spend which is 6 points per dollar for Platinum members, or 1.2% rebate. There is also additional 4 points per dollar if you spend in qualifying categories as part of the GrabPay Card Accelerator Booster which you can read more about below.


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Time frame

Ever since April’s Grab Power Up Challenge added a whole bunch of exclusions, the challenge has been lasting a lot longer than the 1 to 2-day affair it used to be. I managed to complete my challenge to spend $2,000 on 4th June 2021, almost three weeks after the challenge started with 3,000 spots. I was fortunately able to make multiple one-cent payments to my utility vendor to meet the required number of transactions before the challenge ended on the same day.

One can reasonably estimate having two weeks to complete their challenge, which leaves some time to plan your spend, and get cards that will give you cashback on your Grab top ups.

Cards to top up your Grab

The vast majority of cards have excluded Grab top ups since a year or so ago, but here are two that officially give cashback on topping up your Grab Wallet.

American Express True Cashback

New cardholders:

  • 3% Cashback on all eligible purchases up to S$5,000 spend in the first 6 months for new Card Members
  • S$80 Upsized S$150 cash via PayNow (minimum spend of S$500 required within first 30 days from card approval)

Last date to apply: 10th March 2024

1.5% cashback on transactions except Grab top-ups

Accelerator Booster

On top of the challenge, GrabPay Card Accelerator Booster is back, and this time it includes a new category: groceries. For the Booster, you get extra 4 points per dollar spent, which brings up your earn rate to 10 points per dollar if you are a Platinum member. That’s a total of 2% rebate.

This is capped on 20 transactions until the end of 14th July, and the Booster is capped at 500 points per transaction ($125 spend).

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