Grab Power Up Challenge November 2021

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We are definitely in some kind of time warp because I cannot believe it’s been another month.

Reward tiers

Changes: number of spots are different for the highest tier

Top-up AmountNumber of TransactionsSpend AmountRewardSpots
$1005$1002,500 points12,000
$30010$2505,000 points7,000
$60015$5007,500 points3,000
$80015$75010,000 points1,500
$1,10020$1,00012,000 points1,500
$1,60020$1,50015,000 points1,500
$2,10025$2,00020,000 points4,500
Thanks to V, C, Julian, . ., MT, and πŸ™‚ for providing info

Tap here on your phone to find out which tier you are on, and let me know if you have any info that is not reflected in the above table.

The 20,000 points tier has increased from 3,500 to 4,500 spots from last month’s challenge. Last month’s challenge lasted well into November; I completed my challenge on 6th November. 4,500 should leave plenty of breathing space for people within this tier to clock their rewards.

Aside from this, there is very little change from the previous months.


Changes: no discernible change

Note that the terms and conditions exclude transactions of the following merchant codes:

  • MCC 6540 – POI Funding Transactions
  • MCC 7299 – Miscellaneous personal services
  • MCC 6012 – Financial Services
  • MCC 7399 – Business services not elsewhere classified
  • MCC 6536 – Money Send
  • MCC 6537 – Money Send intercountry
  • MCC 6011 – Financial Institutions Manual Cash Disbursements
  • MCC 6300 – Insurance Sales, Underwriting and Premiums
  • MCC 5960 – Direct Marketing Insurance Services
  • MCC 8398 – Charities
  • MCC 8220 – Colleges, Junior Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools
  • MCC 8299 – Schools and Educational Services ( Not Elsewhere Classified)
  • MCC 8661 – Religious Organizations
  • MCC 8211 – Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • MCC 8244 – Business and Secretarial Schools
  • MCC 8249 – Vocational Schools and Trade Schools
  • MCC 8241 – Correspondence Schools
  • MCC 8062 – Hospitals

Earn rates

Changes: no discernible change

Spend AmountRewardRebate AmountRebate Percent
$1002,500 points$55%
$2505,000 points$104%
$5007,500 points$153%
$75010,000 points$202.67%
$1,00012,000 points$242.4%
$1,50015,000 points$302%
$2,00020,000 points$402%

These are on top of your base Grab earn rate, which range from between 3 to 6 points per dollar spent (0.6 to 1.2% rebate). Grab points can be boosted with things likeΒ SP GreenUP andΒ waiting for sales.

You also get 1.5% or 1.7% cashback when you top up with certain cards (see below).

This means your total earn rate can be as high as 7.9% (5% Power Up rebate + 1.2% base rebate + 1.7% top-up cashback).


Excellent deal: get an iPad with CIMB credit cards! Also, grab S$5 +S$5 Lendlease voucher for use at JEM, 313, PLQ or Parkway Parade in under a minute.

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GrabPay Accelerator

Changes: telco MCC included for the first time

GrabPay Accelerator gives additional 4 points per dollar (0.8% rebate) spent on the following categories: 

  • MCC 7997 – Membership Clubs (Sports, Recreation, Athletic), Country Clubs, and Private Golf Courses, 
  • MCC 4899 – Cable and other pay television (previously Cable Services)
  • MCC 5816 – Digital Goods: Games
  • MCC 5815 – Digital Goods: Media, Books, Movies, Music
  • MCC 5817 – Digital Goods: Applications (Excludes Games)
  • MCC 5818 – Digital Goods: Large Digital Goods Merchant
  • MCC 5814 – Fast Food Restaurants
  • MCC 5812 – Eating places and Restaurants
  • MCC 5411 – Grocery Stores, Supermarkets
  • MCC 4814 -Telco (new)

Each transaction get only get a maximum of 500 points ($125 spend), and each user is capped at 20 transactions per cycle (15th of every month to the 14th of the following month).

Do note that there is also an undisclosed limit to this. A few of us in the chat group tried paying telco during 11/11 and did not get the Accelerator points.

Cards to top up Grab

Get 1.5% cashback on Grab top-ups with the Amex True Cashback Card.

True Cashback

 New to Amex


3% cashback on first $5,000 of spend (Grab top ups get 1.5% instead)

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