11/11 Only: Get 11% Rebate in Grab Points with GrabPay, Capped at $88.89 Spending

Image: Grab

For one day only on 11th November 2021, Grab is offering 11% rebate in the form of Grab points for up to $88.89 of spending.

The 11% rebate is made up of:

Spend with GrabPay, GrabPayCard, or PayLater with min. spend of $809% (45 points per dollar, capped at 4,000 points)
Spend with GrabPay Wallet (GrabPay Card included)Up to 1.2% (6 points per dollar for Platinum members)
Spend on groceries, fitness memberships, streaming services, software, app, e-book purchases, dining/takeaway meals, and telcos0.8% (4 points per dollar, capped at 500 points per transaction)

Update: Fully redeemed

The cap of 4,000 points mean that you will max out the 9% with just $88.89 of spending, and do take note you require at least $80 of spending to qualify. It works just once per user, and it’s good for the first 25,000. That should last well into the day, and if you’re reading this in the later parts of 11th November, you can pop over to my Telegram chat to ask around if people are still getting points.

Image: Grab

New this month is the inclusion of telco bills for the additional 0.8% rebate. As far as I know, telco bills are easy to overpay, so people who have been relying on telco bills to meet such spend would benefit. Singtel, at least, lets me beyond my current month’s bill.


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If you make an upfront payment for two months of your telco bills with this promotion, your effective rebate is still 11% (as long as it’s between $80 to $88.89), and not 5.5%. Not sure why I find the need to clarify this… but just in case.

There are some usual exclusions to this promotion, and you can find them over at Grab’s terms and conditions. Some in the group chat have tried AXS payments and it doesn’t work this time.


This is a no-brainer deal to maximise, and $88.89 of spend is pretty easy to meet given how this works for even things like utilities. This time, I’m going to use it for telcos since there’s that additional 0.8% rebate. 71 cents saved is 71 cents earned.

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