Fuss-Free Cards With Almost No Requirements Nor Minimum Spend

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Don’t want to micromanage your credit card spending, or fulfil troublesome requirements? That doesn’t mean we should just settle for a paltry 1.5% cashback rate, or a poor 1.2 miles per dollar earn rate on our spend.

Here are some cards that would give you at least 2% or more in rebates on most types of spends without requiring you to jump through hoops to get your card rewards. Just in time too, since GrabPay Mastercard no longer gives a fuss-free 2.9% in rebates like it used to.

HSBC Advance

HSBC Advance gives 1.5% cashback if you spend less than S$2,000 within a month without any minimum spend. Sounds just like any other 1.5% cashback card out there, but spend at least S$2,000 and you will get a more decent 2.5% cashback rate.

There is a maximum cashback of S$70 per month, which means you shouldn’t put more than S$2,800 of spending on this card in a single month. That should be roomy enough unless you are a very big spender.

On top of that, if you are able to meet the requirements of HSBC Everyday+ programme, you get an additional 1% cashback, making it possible to get 3.5% cashback from this card. To qualify for this, you will need an HSBC EGA account and fulfil the requirements, basically depositing S$2,000 of fresh funds and performing at least 5 eligible transactions with your card each month.


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New HSBC Cardholders

Choose one:

  • Dyson V8 Slim Fluffy hair dryer (retailing S$509)
  • Apple iPad 9th 10.2″ WiFi 64GB
  • S$350 eCapitaVouchers
  • 18,000 Max Miles (sign up heymax account for bonus 1,000 miles)

Spend S$500 in eligible spend by the end of following month from card approval (e.g. approval in June, make spend by end July). Consent to HSBC’s marketing materials during application.


  • S$200 top up – Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theatre System (retailing S$769)
  • S$200 top up – Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20 (retailing S$699)
  • S$1,099 top up – Apple Macbook Air M3 13″ 256GB (retailing S$1,599)
  • S$1,099 top up – Apple iPhone 15 Pro 128GB (retailing S$1,664.25)

Existing HSBC Cardholder²

  • S$50 cashback (with S$1,000 min spend)

⚠️ Important – complete all the following steps to be eligible for rewards:

  1. Provide HSBC consent to receive marketing/promotional materials during application
  2. Fill up SingSaver gift redemption form
  3. Make a min. spend of S$500 by the end of the following month from card approval date to be eligible for rewards

Last date to apply: 20th June 2024

For quick reference only; refer to terms and conditions for exact terms and save a copy for future reference:

  1. Terms and conditions
  2. Terms and conditions (existing cardholder)

Get up to 3.5% cashback on eligible transactions

HSBC Revolution

Another HSBC Card that would get you a decent earn rate without minimum spend is the HSBC Revolution. The HSBC Revolution gives you 10 points per dollar spent on eligible transactions, and that is equivalent to 4 miles per dollar – about the highest miles earn rate you can get these days. Since points can also be converted into cash rebate, 10 points per dollar also represents a 2.5% cashback earn rate.

You shouldn’t spend more than S$1,000 per month on this card because anything beyond this figure earns only 1 point per dollar spend. That’s a tiny 0.25% cashback equivalent.

Like the HSBC Advance, the HSBC Revolution is also eligible for the HSBC Everyday+ programme which gives additional 1% cashback.

HSBC Revolution

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Get 10X points on eligible Paywave and online transactions. Annual fee waived for life. Tap here for the review

Citi Rewards + Instarem Amaze

Citi Rewards is typically an online spend card, but paired with the Instarem Amaze, it can be used for offline purchases to also get its 10 points per dollar earn rate. All you have to do is to add your Citi Rewards card to the Instarem app and use your Amaze card in retail stores.

Just like HSBC Revolution, 10 points can be converted into 4 miles, or into cash rebate. Converting Citi’s ThankYou points into cash rebate results in a 2.27% cashback earn rate, but if you opt for vouchers it can become around 3% in rebates. You can check out the review for more details.

Like the HSBC Revolution, the maximum amount you should put on this card per month to get its high earn rate is S$1,000.

Citi Rewards

Please note there are different promos so select carefully:

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Citi Promo:

  • Citi PremierMiles: 30,000 miles
  • Citi Prestige: 125,000 points and more
  • Citi Rewards: 40,000 points
  • Citi Cash Back: S$300 cashback
  • Citi SMRT: S$300 cashback
  • Tap here to see Citi promos

Last day to apply: 31st July 2024

SingSaver Promo:


  • Apple iPad 10th Gen 64GB WiFi (retailing for S$529)
  • Dyson Supersonic (retailing for S$699)
  • Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theatre System (retailing for S$769)
  • S$450 eCapitaVoucher
  • S$300 cash via PayNow

Optional – upgrade reward:

  • Top up S$999 for MacBook Air 13-inch 256GB M3
  • Top up S$1,099 for iPhone 15 Pro 128GB
  • Top up S$1,488 for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 512GB

Last day to apply: 30th June 2024

New cardholders only; spend S$500 within first 30 days of card approval to qualify.
⚠️ Fill out SingSaver Rewards Redemption Form after application. No form = no reward
Terms and conditions apply

Get 10X ThankYou Points (4 mpd or 2.27% cashback) on online and shopping transactions. Read the review here

KrisFlyer UOB

KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card gives an unexciting 1.2 miles per dollar on most areas of spend, but it can also give you an upsized 3 miles per dollar earn rate on:

  1. Singapore Airlines Group transactions (Singapore Airlines, Scoot, KrisShop, Kris+)
  2. Dining, food delivery, online shopping and travel, and transport spend

For transactions in (1), the 3 miles per dollar is given upfront at the end of each statement month.

For (2), you earn the normal earn rate of 1.2 miles per dollar. However, if you spend at least S$800 on Singapore Airlines, Scoot and KrisShop (Kris+ excluded) during your card membership year, you will get additional 1.8 miles per dollar at the end of the membership year.

If you do spend that much on Singapore Airlines each year, the KrisFlyer UOB card is an easy card to use. Simply pair it with Instarem Amaze (as Amaze converts transactions to online) and use the pairing for most manners of spend and you should get 3 miles per dollar on most retail transactions.

KrisFlyer UOB Card

🔥 👍🏼

Get Miles

Gift for first 100 New-to-UOB Credit Card applicants who apply for KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card and spend S$2,000 in the first 60 days20,000 miles
Welcome Miles for first-time applicants5,000 miles
Miles earned with min S$2,000 spend in the first 60 days2,400 to 6,000 miles* 

TotalUp to 31,000 miles
*earn rate of 1.2 miles per dollar for local transactions and 3 miles per dollar for eligible categories

Terms and conditions:

  1. KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card

Last day to apply: 30th June 2024

Get 1.2 mpd on normal expenditure, and bonus 1.8 mpd on dining,
food delivery, online shopping and travel, and transport spend when you spend S$800 in a year with Singapore Airlines Group.

DCS Ultimate Platinum Mastercard

DCS Ultimate Platinum Mastercard gives 2% cashback on up to S$10,000 of spend each month. That’s S$200 of cashback per month and most transactions are eligible – aside from the usual exclusions like insurance.

DCS Ultimate Platinum

New to DCS cards

Get a pair of GOTRIP luggage worth S$500


Apply for any two DCS Credit Cards
Spend a total of S$350 per month with either card for two consecutive months from your card approval dateGet a pair of GOTRIP luggage within 2 months of end of qualifying spend period

Terms and Conditions

Please find the terms and conditions here, and do download a copy for your own reference.

New to DCS cardholders defined as those who do not hold any credit card issued by DCS and has not had any cancelled credit card issued by DCS 9 months before the month that the new Eligible Card(s) is approved.

Enjoy 2% cashback for all purchases with no minimum spend! Capped at S$200 per month (S$10,000 of spend).


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UOB Absolute + GrabPay Mastercard

Update: UOB absolute reduced cashback on Grab top-ups to 0.3% from 15th January 2023

Despite the nerf, GrabPay Mastercard might not be totally dead yet, at least for people who really want fuss-free cashback. Topping up your GrabPay Mastercard with your UOB Absolute for 1.7% cashback (or Amex True Cashback for 1.5%) is perhaps the easiest way to get your rewards… although at 1.7% cashback it is little better than 1.5% cashback cards.

Nevertheless, this combo gives you a few advantages: one, you sidestep the issue of having fewer merchants that accept American Express cards in Singapore since GrabPay Mastercard, as the name suggests, is a Mastercard with relatively more widespread acceptance.

Two, there is no doubt that you would get your cashback when you top up your Grab wallet with the UOB Absolute. While 1.5% cashback cards should give their rewards on a wide range of expenditure, there are still many common exclusions that do not even get the low 1.5% cashback rate. Insurance, for instance, is excluded by almost every credit card in the market.

Cards to top up Grab

Get 0.3% cashback on Grab top-ups with the UOB Absolute credit card.

UOB Absolute

🔥 👍🏼

S$350 Cash credits: 
 The first 200 new-to-UOB credit card customers in June 2024 who successfully apply for an eligible UOB Credit Card between 1 June 2024 and 31 June 2024 (both dates inclusive) and spend a min. of S$1,000 per month for 2 consecutive months from their card approval date, will receive S$350 cash credit. Click here for full terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

10% cashback:
For all new-to-UOB Credit Cardmembers who successfully apply for UOB Absolute Cashback Card by 30 June 2024, enjoy 10% cashback on the transactions charged to your UOB Absolute Cashback Card during your card approval calendar month and the following calendar month. Total bonus cashback is capped at S$100. Full terms and conditions apply.

Get 1.7% cashback on nearly anything excluding Grab top-ups which get 0.3% instead.


The earn rates on these cards are not terribly exciting, but there is a price for convenience. For cards with better rewards, do check out my tier list of cards with the highest earn rates.

Any cards you think should have made this list? Let us know in the comments below, or in the Telegram!

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