Best Credit Cards For Telco Payments… and Some Hacks

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Mobile phone plans and high speed broadband are necessities these days, so here are some of the ways you can earn more rewards from your credit cards to save on your telco bills!

Cards to use

Unless specified, pay your bills manually, ie. via the app or online as opposed to putting a recurring payment on your credit card.

Earn RateRemarks
DBS yuu Apply
17.5% yuu pointsOnly for Singtel kiosk payment
Maybank Family and FriendsApply
8% cashbackMax S$25 cashback per category
Min. spend of S$800 per month
Must be online or Paywave
Max S$20 in each category
Min. spend of S$600 per month
Eligible card for UOB One Account
Citi SMRTApply
Unknown if 5% cashback worksMust be online
⚠️ Reports that Citi has excluded telco from Citi SMRT’s cashback
UOB OneApply3.33% cashbackSpend S$500 / S$1,000 / S$2,000 per month for a quarter
OCBC 365Apply3% cashbackRecurring payment only
Max S$80 cashback per month
Min spend of S$800 per month
Gets bonus interest with OCBC 360 account
Citi RewardsApply
4 miles per dollarOnline/app only (or via Amaze)
Max $1,000 spend per month
DBS Woman’s WorldApply4 miles per dollar Online/app only
Max S$2,000 spend per month
UOB Preferred Platinum4 miles per dollarVia mobile contactless only
Max S$1,110 spend per month

Get up to S$740 bonus vouchers or 74,000 bonus miles on top of usual welcome offers!

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Most telcosPay more than your bill to hit minimum spending for credit cards
SingtelPay via Singtel kiosk to make contactless payment (for cards like UOB EVOL and UOB Preferred Platinum)
Use mobile billing on Apple App Store / Google Play Store to charge subscriptions, apps etc to your telco bill (useful to increase your telco bill spend for cards like Maybank Family and Friends)
GigaBuy Gigabucks to do manual payment
Circles.LifeI don’t know any hacks, but if you want to sign up for Circles.Life do consider tapping here to use my link

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