Grab Power Up Jan 2021: Get 30,000 Bonus Grab Points (4% Rebate) on $1,500 Online Spend, and How To Make This Promo Even Better

So much for last month’s Power Up challenge being the last, but I’m not complaining. This month, get a total of 30,000 bonus points for clocking $1,500 of online spend with your GrabPay Card or Wallet. Click here to register via your Grab app.

Update 16/01/2021: Final milestone is fully redeemed.

Promo details

The 30,000 bonus points are broken in three milestones this time instead of the usual two, and you get your first 5,000 points for achieving $500 of online spend, the next 10,000 points for a further $500 spend, and the final 15,000 points for yet another $500 spend.

As with the past few times, a single $1,500 meets all three milestones at once, and the short list of exclusions have not changed from last month:

  • MCC 6300 – insurance sales, underwriting and premiums
  • MCC 9399 – government services 
  • MCC 8220 – Colleges, Junior Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools

At the time of writing (15th January 3AM), there are only 830 spots left for the final milestone, and 5,794 and 1,816 spots for the first and second ones respectively.

Maximising your rewards

Grab points are usually worth 0.2 cents each, which makes 30,000 around $60. That’s a respectable 4% rebate on $1,500 of spend, and it is on top of the rewards you get for topping up your Grab, and Grab’s usual reward rate of 4 points per dollar spent.


Get up to S$740 bonus vouchers or 74,000 bonus miles on top of usual welcome offers!

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I wouldn’t rush to redeem those Grab points too because Grab has flash sales from time to time that boost the value of your points beyond 0.2 cents each. Also, given that SP GreenUP promo with CapitaMalls has been extended for this year, I would reserve my Grab points for Capita STAR$.

Topping Up
As mentioned a few times before, Amex True Cashback card is currently the only card that officially gives rewards on topping up Grab.

Another possible route is RazerBigPay → Grab, and this gives you opportunities to earn rewards on cards when you top up your Razer Wallet.

Spending the $1,500
You could go on an online shopping spree, or perhaps put those dollars to more prudent use. While things like insurance and government services are excluded, you can use services like ipaymy to pay such parties, even businesses who do not normally accept credit cards. This fulfils the online spend for this promo, even if the business you’re paying is completely offline.

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