How to Get 3% Cashback on Grab Top-ups

Unlike many cards which have since ceased to offer rewards on Grab top ups, the Amex True Cashback holds the unique distinction of giving cashback when you top up your Grab wallet.

If you don’t already have an American Express card, there are two really good reasons why you would want to get the Amex True Cashback Card now. Firstly, you get a really great sign up offer which lasts until 2nd November. Secondly, it is the only card that still gives rewards on Grab top-ups.

Even if you have other American Express cards, you still get $40 of vouchers for adding the True Cashback to your collection, and still enjoy the attractive 3% cashback rate. Note that you are still counted as a new Amex customer even if you have cobranded Amex bank cards (e.g. DBS Altitude Amex, UOB PRVIMiles Amex etc).

Grab top-ups

When you top up your Grab wallet, you get 3% cashback on up to $5,000 during the first 6 months. After that, you can use GrabPay QR or GrabPay Mastercard which awards a further 0.8% rebate in form of Grab points. That’s a total of 3.8% on almost everything! (There are some transactions where Grab points are not awarded, but you would still at least get 3% cashback on the Grab top-up.)

Not only are you able to boost the amount of cashback you get, you are now spending via Grab, which is great because the acceptance of Grab and/or Mastercard is far more widespread than that of Amex.

Top up Grab with Amex True Cashback1.5% or 3% cash rebate from Amex
Spend using GrabPay0.8% in Grab points¹
Spend at Fave merchant (optional)Depends on merchant
Total2.3% or 3.8%
1. Some transactions do not give Grab points

On top of that, you get cashback on things that normally don’t get credit card rewards at all like insurance, school fees, road tax etc. Take this even further with bills you have to pay that don’t accept credit cards.

My GrabPay card is my go-to card whenever I max out my higher earning cards, and fuss-free 3.8% cashback is really hard to beat. Personally, I have topped up in advance to maximise the 3% cashback. It’s easy to expend the money in one’s Grab, and given how so many cards have excluded Grab top-ups from rewards, no one is really sure how long Amex will continue giving cashback on this.


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Sign up offer

On top of earning cashback on your Grab top-ups, get fabulous rewards when you sign up:

True Cashback

New to Amex


  • Receive ErgoTune Classic (worth $399);
  • AirPods Pro (worth $379)
  • or S$160

*$500 qualifying. spend within 30 days of card approval

Until 31st October 2021

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2 thoughts on “How to Get 3% Cashback on Grab Top-ups

  1. Hi,

    there was this promo earlier:

    New to bank
    3% cashback for first $5,000 spend
    $80 vouchers with $500 spend within first month
    Additional $150 vouchers with $1,000 spend within first month (apply by end of 2 November)
    $20 to sign up using MyInfo

    How long approximately for you to get the rewards?

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