Buffed: Up to 10% Cashback on Shopee for UOB One

UOB One just got a lot more useful by adding Shopee to its list of merchants that get additional 5% cashback.

UOB One’s basic cashback tiers:

Monthly SpendQuarterly CashbackCashback Yield¹
1. Yield assumes exactly $500/$1,000/$2,000 spent each month



New to bank

Gift A: S$150 cash credit for signing up card

Gift B: S$80 for customers new to UOB bank; or
S$60 for customers new to UOB deposit accounts; or S$30 for existing UOB deposit customers

Gift C: S$50

Total: Gifts A + B + C = up to S$280!

Terms and Conditions

Gift A: successfully apply for a UOB personal credit card in the month of July 2022 and spend a min. of S$1,500 within 30 days from card approval date on their new UOB credit card. Card exclusions apply. Tap here for full terms and conditions.

Gift B:

  1. Successfully open a new Eligible UOB Account online from 1 May 2022 to 31 July 2022, and
  2. Deposit at least S$5,000 into their new UOB account within the account opening month and hold it till the end of the following calendar month.
  3. S$5,000 must be fresh funds for existing customers
  4. Tap here for full terms and conditions

Gift C:

  1. successfully submitted an online participation form here; and
  2. successfully credit monthly salary (of at least S$1,600) into an Eligible UOB Account+ via GIRO within two calendar months from the date of submission of the participation formd

Get 3.33% base cashback if you spend $500, $1,000, or $2,000 a month for three consecutive months. Up to 6.67% additional cashback for Grab, Shopee, and Diary Farm merchants.

When you spend on select merchants, there is additional 5% cashback. UOB One has been updating this list from time to time, and this is the third time this year:

This means that the cashback yield on expenditure made at the above merchants go as high as 8.33% or 10% depending on the quarterly cashback tier you are at.

Given the range of items sold on Shopee, this makes UOB One significantly easier to use for cashback. If you can regularly spend a fixed amount every month on the above merchants, a 8.33 to 10% cashback rate is unbeatable. Just make sure you clock the right amount per month.

A consideration you should have is that Shopee does give some discount when you pay for things using ShopeePay, so do weigh your options to see which gives you the best bang for your buck when shopping on Shopee.

Read the full UOB One review.

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