Razer Expands Card Beta – How to Sign Up, and Why

New prepaid card on the block Razer Card was first released to 1,337 applicants, and I was one of those l33t enough to be in the initial wave of testers ✌🏻

Recently, several reports on the Telegram group indicates that Razer has been less coy about issuing cards, and more people have already been accepted into the beta programme for the card, which has also been extended to 31st January (from 31st December).

Sign up

You can download the app and sign up for Razer Pay with code SETH88 to get $1 after you verify your Razer Pay profile. After that, the app’s main page would have a link that allows you to register your particulars for the beta programme. You can then enjoy quite a few good deals and perks.

Remember to verify your profile (under Me tab), and you should also consider BigPay to go along with your Razer Card.

Great rewards during the beta

It’s worth hopping on the beta programme because the rewards are pretty good right now, and I don’t see it getting better after the beta period. You get a free Razer mask for verifying your profile, and a free Razer card in the Standard flavour. This one doesn’t light up, but that comes later.

You can then earn these rewards by accomplishing some tasks in the following categories:

Pay (minimum $5 per transaction)
1 transaction: $5 credit
10 transactions: Razer Hydrator (water bottle priced at $44.90)
50 transactions: Premium Razer Card (priced at $200) or $50 credit if the card is earned in other categories
150 transactions: Razer Nari Essential Headset (priced at $169.90)
300 transactions: Razer Tarturus Pro keypad (priced at $206.90)

Spend $50: $5 credit
Spend $200: Razer Tetra (headset priced at $49.90)
Spend $2,000: Premium Razer Card (priced at $200) or $50 credit if the card is earned in other categories
Spend $3,500: Razer Mamba Wireless Mouse (priced at $169.90)
Spend $6,500: Razer Tactical Backpack V2 (priced at $199.90)

1 referral: $5 credit
10 referrals: Razer Goliathus Medium mousepad (priced at $49.90)
30 referrals: Premium Razer Card (priced at $200) or $50 credit if the card is earned in other categories
60 referrals: Razer Ornata V2 Keyboard (priced at $169.90)
120 referrals: Razer Raiju TE wireless controller (priced at $239.90)

Realistically, it is pretty easy to do 50 transactions of $5 each, and qualify for the first three tiers of Pay, and two tiers of Spend. This nets you $10, a fancy Razer water bottle, a Razer headset, and an unnecessarily cool Razer card that lights up when you pay. The cash reward alone is worth 4% cashback (on top of the standard 1% Razer Card gives), and I imagine you could easily sell the Razer gear for a pretty penny if you don’t want them.

If you move up to $2,000 of spend, you get another $50 which is 2.5% on top of the base 1% cashback of the Razer Card.

In total, that’s a respectable 4% cashback on $2,000 of spend and you get a bunch of Razer gear to use or resell. That’s great especially when Razer Card has far fewer exclusions and spend restrictions that most cashback cards in the market.

Heck, I’ll complete the various tasks just for this beauty:

Razer Pay coupons

Razer Pay itself, without its Card, also gives pretty decent promos when you pay via QR. There is an excellent 12% off with a maximum cap of $20 rebate for 12/12 which unfortunately ends today (12th December).

For the rest of the month, there is still my personal favourite: a $1 off $5 promo which you can use 20 times at hawker stalls that accept QR payments which are increasingly common all over Singapore. Few things in life are better than cashback, and this is one of them: the discount is instantly applied.


Get up to S$740 bonus vouchers or 74,000 bonus miles on top of usual welcome offers!

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Other uses

Talking about prepaid cards, you’d probably want to sign up for BigPay to go with your Razer Card. There is a healthy interest and discussion going on in the Telegram on how to optimise the use Razer Card, and the various ways it interacts with other credit and prepaid cards. Subscribe to the channel, then join the group chat!

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