Issues You May Face With Razer Card/Pay and How to Overcome Them

It’s been a while since Razer first captured our imagination (well, at least mine) with a card that lights up when used. Metal cards are so passé. Since then, more people have gotten their Razer Cards, and perhaps the point of a beta programme, more bugs and teething issues are surfacing.

Various issues and solutions

Top-up issues
Till date, I am still unable to top up my account with credit cards, and I have heard a few other users who experience such an issue. This leaves me only being able to top up using my bank, which at some point also had trouble, or to rely on friends and family to transfer money to my Razer Pay wallet.

Solution: I use a family member’s account to top up and send funds to my account.

Failed transactions, wrong deductions
This seems to affect quite a lot of people, judging by the chatter on the Telegram group. Payments tend to fail, and worse, they sometimes deduct money regardless. A heavy user reported as many as 30 transactions totalling over a thousand dollars being wrongfully deducted.

I checked my own transaction history, and found that 3 transactions out of my 51 transactions had money wrongfully deducted, of which one was refunded on the spot.

Given that Visa is the payment processor, as well as the relatively low amount wrongly deducted from my account, I’m personally not too worried and am quite certain that affected transactions would be duly refunded. This of course, does put people away from using the card for now.

Solution: Contact Razer support. It seems that some are getting their refunds after a while after contacting support.


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Some rewards are out of stock
Some of the rewards, such as the water bottle and headset, went out of stock, and stock availability is not shown in the app. Perhaps I’m nitpicking, but there are few things more disappointing than fulfilling the requirements for a promo only to find that it is no longer available.

To be fair, Razer states in their terms that rewards are subject to availability and they do not guarantee any rewards, but I think a bit more communication may go a long way in managing expectations. The headset and water bottle did come back into stock again (water bottle was gone in a few seconds though), and Razer could have avoided a few angry users by telling them to wait for restocking. If rewards are completely claimed, Razer should also explicitly state in the app that the reward is gone.

Personally, I think I’ll stick to my plan of clearing $2,000 of spend with at least 50 transactions to get a respectable cashback rate regardless of the stock availability.

Solution: Some have resorted to redeeming other things on the Razer store. While this is doable, Razer has stated on their website that this is not allowed and I imagine they are able to ban errant users. One user on the Telegram group chat has also said that Razer support promised that the redemption coupon will be reissued if the item remains out of stock after the beta period, but hopefully Razer officially addresses this.

Coupons are great, but display info better
I have been enjoying the few good promotions found in the Razer Pay app so far, but they need to improve their UI.

They have a great 20% off promo, but when you check the list of applicable merchants, you are presented with a list of 4,000 over merchants with no way to search. There are also many instances of duplicate entries which makes scrolling through the list to find a relevant place to spend even more difficult.

Also, when you pay with a coupon, the app shows the discounted amount prominently, and this leads to confusion at the point of sale, particularly for hawkers. Every other payment app that I can think of shows the full transaction amount even if there are discounts applied, while Razer’s payment screen has the ability to make hawkers think I’m shortchanging them of a dollar.

Solution: You have to tell the merchant to check their merchant app which should display the right amount. Most are also equipped with a terminal that prints out the amount.

You can also see a searchable list of merchants here.

Sign up

Understandably, there are many people who would be turned off by some of the issues, particularly the wrong deductions, but I personally don’t see a need to avoid the card. Razer isn’t a small company, Visa isn’t known for unreliability, and Singapore isn’t without regulations when it comes to monetary transactions.

If you’re not put off by these issues, download the app and sign up with code SETH88 to get a $1 upon profile verification. The potential rewards are still worth the trouble, in my opinion.

Anything else?

Let us know in the comments, or Telegram group, and hope someone at Razer is listening. In which case, release the premium card already!

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