Deals and News: Mid-March 2024 Roundup

While I post only once a day, I realise that it still can be quite a lot to keep up with. Here is a round-up of important news as well as great deals so that you don’t miss out on important updates and fantastic promos. The Telegram channel is still the best way to stay updated especially for time-sensitive content, and it’s an easy way to browse posts on this site.

Trading apps: huge Webull and Tiger Brokers promos

This month sees a huge welcome offer from Webull: there is as much as US$8,000 of welcome rewards to get plus between US$50 to US$500 worth of shares. There are times where numbers are inflated to look impressive, and there is a tiny element of it here where the chances of getting US$500 of shares from the welcome offer is pretty low, but the US$8,000 reward figure is actually that as long as you fulfil the requirements.

At the same time, Tiger Brokers also has an excellent cash welcome offer on top of its usual sign-up rewards. You can fund any amount for a welcome offer of S$120 cash, or just US$1,000 of funding for S$200! Complete a few trades to get even more rewards.

Credit cards: excellent deals this month

March has also been a crazy month for credit cards. SingSaver has its aptly named March Madness promo which is set to end really soon on 18th March and this includes great promos from multiple banks. You can also potentially get a gift upgrade to either an iPad Air or an iPhone 15 so definitely check it out.

After you get your first Citi credit card, make sure to also check out the brand new offer for Citi Prestige with simplified requirements. Lastly, DBS also released a bunch of new promos in February that you can still enjoy in the month of March and many work for existing cardholders.

Also credit cards: nerf-season

Unfortunately, these few months haven’t been great when it comes to reward mechanics of popular cards. Take note that the following changes have taken effect as of 1st March 2024:

And these will take place on 1st April 2024:

Savings: relatively quiet month, but UOB promo might be coming

The Singapore Savings Bond for April 2024 has rates hovering around 3% p.a, but aside from that, little is new this month. It is the last month of the first quarter of 2024, and that means it may be worth doing a little prep work for a potential upcoming UOB earmark promo.

Travel: KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes and travel insurance deals

This month’s Spontaneous Escapes is a little more muted compared to last month’s, but there are a few picks that might catch your fancy.

If you’re travelling, you might also want to look at travel insurance. There were a few AirTag promos so far, and it’s best you subscribe for time-sensitive deals like these.

Miscellaneous news

This month started a bit weird too with an email from Apple about gift card balances being made unavailable after 31st March. I’m still trying to get to the bottom of it, but my best guess now is that it’s a placeholder email that was sent out accidentally.

Spilling over from last month, I did a video and article on the CPF changes announced in Budget 2024. CPF is a significant portion of our financial lives in Singapore so I think it’s worth keeping updated on it.

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