Nerfed: UOB Cuts Monthly Spend Cap of UOB Lady’s Solitaire to S$2,000

The Season of Nerfs continues: starting 1st April 2024, UOB is dropping the spend cap of UOB Lady’s Solitaire for bonus points to S$2,000 per month. This is down from the current S$3,000 and would no doubt be a hit to the card’s utility for big expenses. UOB Lady’s – the normal, pink variant – remains unchanged at S$1,000 per month.

This change comes shortly after the brief extension to the 6 miles per dollar earn rate the cards have been earning for around a year now. From 1st April 2024, both cards will revert to their original 4 miles per dollar earn rate.


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Bigger spenders and expenses impacted

While this drop in spend cap hurts less from April 2024 when the earn rate is also reduced, having the UOB Lady’s Solitaire card is still useful for bigger spenders. I’m sure there are people who spend in excess of S$2,000 to S$3,000 per month on things like dining, shopping or cab rides, and there are few cards can that fit this kind of spending habit.

Even if you don’t spend anywhere near S$3,000 a month, the Travel category is one type of expense that even frugal spenders might appreciate the S$3,000 cap. S$2,000 is possibly a bit too low when we are talking about hotel and flight expenses particularly for multiple people.

One way to overcome this would be to split your spending across multiple cards. If your flights are S$1,500 and your hotel stay is S$1,000, you could place your flight tickets on your UOB Lady’s card, and pay for your hotel stay with your UOB Preferred Platinum Visa. The good thing about UOB cards is that the points go to the same account, so there is less fuss and admin fees in converting your points to miles.


If you have overlooked this, another woman-themed card, the DBS Woman’s World Mastercard, has also seen its spend cap cut. Such is the nature of credit card rewards, and we can only roll with the nerfs and the occasional buffs. Stay subscribed to get updates and also ways to navigate these changes.

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