Why I’m Using StanChart Journey For My Holidays

Travel season is upon us and the number of “which card should I use overseas” queries has been increasing in frequency over at the Telegram. Well, I’m also travelling right now, so I’ll postpone a “what card to use for travel” piece. To keep things short: I’ve chosen to use the StanChart Journey for the recent two trips I’ve been on.

Fuss-free miles card for travelling in November and December 2023

The StanChart Journey card is offering a very simple and fuss-free deal: get 100% of the foreign currency fee incurred in November and December 2023 rebated in full by 29th February 2024. There is no registration required, no minimum spend, no maximum cap. It’s a pretty straightforward promo and my card of choice for my holiday spend. See the terms and conditions here.

The fuss-free nature of the promo also broadens its appeal. Not having to care about MCCs, caps or minimum spends frees up mental bandwidth which is important when it comes to travelling. But this is just my preference and as you’ll see there are plenty of good options too.

StanChart Journey

🔥 👍🏼

StanChart + Singsaver Promo

For new StanChart cardholders:

Use the Apply links found on this site and fill up SingSaver gift redemption form in email.
Make a minimum spend of S$500 within 30 days of card approval.
15,000 Max Miles (sign up for heymax account for bonus 1,000 miles); or

AirPods Pro (gen 2) (retailing for S$365.70); or

S$150 cash
Option A: Pay annual fee of S$196.20

Activate your physical card and spend at least S$3,000 in eligible transactions within 2 months of card approval
45,000 miles
⭐️ Recommended
Option B: Get fee waiver of annual fee

Activate your physical card and spend at least S$3,000 in eligible transactions within 2 months of card approval
25,000 miles
Split purchases with SCB EasyPay or EasyBillBonus S$20 eCapitaVoucher
S$1,000 minimum spend in the 2nd month after approvalBonus S$20 eCapitaVoucher
Maximum45,000 miles¹ + gift of choice² + S$40 eCapitaVouchers
Last date to apply: 17th June 2024

⚠️ Important: Remember to fill out the Rewards Redemption Form from SingSaver in your email to secure your rewards.

Terms and conditions (save a copy for future reference):

  1. Standard Chartered
  2. SingSaver
Sign-up Process

  1. Apply with the link
  2. Important: find SingSaver email and fill in redemption form after application; no form no reward
  3. Promo code field can be left blank
  4. Fulfil requirements as stated in terms and conditions

Credit card terms and conditions
Banking account terms and conditions
Priority banking terms and conditions

Gives 1.2 miles per dollar on local transactions, 2 miles per dollar on foreign transactions, and 3 miles per dollar on online groceries, transportation, and food delivery merchants

Compared to other miles options

Compared to other common miles options, I think StanChart Journey’s promo holds up pretty well. A common way to earn miles overseas would be to use Instarem Amaze + Citi Rewards for 4 miles per dollar which works for almost all areas of spend or even UOB Lady’s for 6 miles per dollar for selected categories.

CardVisa/Mastercard SpreadOther SpreadEarn RateCost Per Mile
StanChart Journey~0.5% 0%
(rebated in full)
2 miles per dollar 0.25 cents
Amaze + UOB Lady’s~0.5%~1.5%
(Amaze linked card rate of around 2% minus 0.5% InstaPoint rebate*)
6 miles per dollar 0.33 cents
Amaze + Citi Rewards~0.5% ~1.5%
(Amaze linked card rate of around 2% minus 0.5% InstaPoint rebate*)
4 miles per dollar0.5 cents
*Instapoints only awarded on transactions between S$10 to S$500 and at least 2,000 points are needed to cash out

While StanChart Journey will provide the cheapest way to earn miles, it might not be everyone’s preferred method. Paying a bit more for more miles is an entirely reasonable option to go for.

To illustrate, for a S$1,000 purchase, a StanChart Journey user will incur about S$5 of fee and get 2,000 miles. A UOB Lady’s will incur about S$20 of fees and get 6,000 miles (assuming the transaction is within the UOB Lady’s user’s chosen categories). This means that the UOB Lady’s user has paid about S$15 more for 4,000 more miles. It is actually a very decent rate and something well worth considering if you want more miles and willing to pay a bit more for it.

Personally I don’t want to have to worry about MCCs which means UOB Lady’s is out of the picture, and my Citi Rewards’ S$1,000 cap is reserved for recurring expenses each month. StanChart Journey is thus a good option for my travel spend, especially since I already have a bunch of points with the card from other non-travel related uses.

If you’re not a miles person

If you’re not into miles (which is kinda like saying no to USD because you only spend SGD), there are plenty of other options available. Personally, I am thinking of using my UOB EVOL for a bit during my trip to meet the minimum spend for the card’s cashback and my UOB One account’s bonus interest.

Other usual cashback cards like Citi Cashback and Maybank Family and Friends work almost as well overseas as they do in Singapore assuming you can meet the cards requirements. As Mastercard cards, you should also pair it with Amaze to get a lower foreign currency fee.

Again, these options don’t appeal to me much because of the more troublesome nature of the conditions. To me, these cards are better used for predictable monthly expenses which travel expenses don’t fall under.

Instarem Amaze

Promo code iQYZTH for 325 points

New users:

Get 225 InstaPoints when you sign up with referral code iQYZTH and make at least one transaction of S$10. Get another 100 points when you verify your account upon sign up.


  • Get 0.5 InstaPoint per S$1 equivalent* spent in foreign currency (equivalent to 0.5% rebate, min spend S$10)
  • Save on forex fees (compared to your credit card forex charges)
  • Convert offline to online spending (for cards like Citi Rewards)
  • Store and swap between 5 credit cards on one Amaze card
  • Find out Merchant Category Code of transactions

Travel wallet apps

There are of course wallet apps like YouTrip and newly released iChange that you can count on for your travel expenditure. As someone interested in card rewards, I don’t find much use from them, but those who just want something simple with good rates can compare between those two.

Have a safe trip

Okay incredibly jet-lagged so see you in the Telegram (hopefully tomorrow over hotel breakfast).

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