OCBC 365 Card – Increased Cashback of 6% until 31st May (Registration Required), $100 for New Cardholders

OCBC 365 is doubling its cashback on groceries from its usual 3% to 6%, and including a few drugstores (Unity, Guardian and Watsons) under this 6% rate. If you don’t have any OCBC cards, sign up now for $100!

Be the first 13,000 customers to SMS “365DE<space>Last 6 digits of your credit card number” to 72377, e.g. 365DE 123456.

Based on my experience, 13,000 is quite a high number that won’t be hit any time soon, as large and popular OCBC may be. Probably more than enough time to apply for the card and register for this promo when the card arrives. OCBC also gives instant approvals to some customers.

With this increased cashback, the OCBC 365 can put up a better fight against the Maybank Family and Friends card’s 8% on groceries and dining. Though a lower rate, OCBC 365 will be more versatile since it allows for both restaurants and fast food, while Maybank will only give 8% on restaurants for the month of April, and thereafter only on fast food after it changes its dining category in May.


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If you’re already been using OCBC 365 to hit your $500 spending for your OCBC 360 account, this increase would of course be a great thing. Useful for hoarding grocery runs, but do remember to put on a mask before you head to NTUC FairPrice because the one near my place has been refusing entry to unmasked shoppers.


If you don’t have any OCBC cards at all, now is a better time than ever to get one because new OCBC cardholders get $100 for sign. It pales in comparison to the hundreds other banks are giving, but based on my experience, OCBC has been rather stingy with sign-up bonuses, and this is the most generous I’ve seen from them so far.

If you’re an existing OCBC cardholder but don’t have the 365 card yet, you can still get $50 by applying and being one of the first 1,000 to spend $300 by the end of the next month following your card approval date.

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