Nerfed or Buffed? Tiny, Big Change Happening to Maybank Family and Friends Card

An astute reader in my Telegram group pointed out Maybank is making some revisions to the Family and Friends card. Given that this is my current top pick for cashback cards, my heart initially skipped a beat, but thankfully the change is rather minor for me. It may, however, be quite significant for those who rely on this card for dining.

The dining category is now revised as such:

  • Include Fast Food Restaurants (MCC 5814) & Food Deliveries (Deliveroo and Foodpanda)
  • Remove Eating Places & Restaurants (MCC 5812)

One of my grouses about the Maybank Family and Friends card is that it only gives a high cashback rate on restaurants, and doesn’t do so for fast food restaurants.

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Now, Maybank has gone and switched it around to the dismay of those who have been clocking restaurant spend on this. Given that a dinner with friends or family can easily go into the hundreds, I can see why some people will drop this card entirely and go for something like BoC Family Card.

For some others, this may be a much welcomed change since their habits may revolve more around fast food and food deliveries.

Unfortunately, the change is rather ill-timed given that we are in lockdown Circuit Breaker mode for April, but this change only comes into effect next month. Would have been great scoring 8% on all the food deliveries for this month, but such is life.

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