Merry Christmas and a Sethisfying New Year!

Somehow, another year has passed and it is Christmas yet again with a new year coming soon. I’m not really a religious person, but regardless of one’s religion, it is not difficult to get behind the spirit of Christmas. Whether it’s to take time to express one’s gratitude or to have a sense of renewal, the year end is always an opportune time to be thankful for all the good that has happened and take stock of the year that has passed.

I’m not sure about you, but this year went by really, really quickly for me. It seemed like only a month or two ago that I was talking about UOB Lady’s becoming a 6 miles per dollar card (that happened in March) or the impressive boost to DBS yuu that made it a 17.5% rebate card (that happened in April). Bigger earn rates, however, were not the only thing that made this year interesting. Looking back, here are some of my favourite moments of the year.

We went a little nuts getting Samsung phones at 50% off

While this site primarily discusses deals and promos relating to credit cards, savings or personal finance stuff, every now and then a crazy non-financial offer comes along that’s too good to pass. Getting Samsung’s phones at half price was one such deal, and people were really excited about it – we had 228 comments on the Telegram post alone with many more in the group chat.

The promo involved calling into Samsung’s hotline with the IMEI number of an old Samsung device, after which the customer service would provide a promo code to get any of their flagship smartphones for 50% off. On top of that, there was even 7% cashback from Shopback. It was all around an excellent promo, and the community can collectively take credit for taking down Samsung’s customer service for the day.

Some got the phones they wanted, while enterprising individuals took the opportunity to earn miles and a tidy profit from reselling the phones.

Too good to be true? Webull’s massive Moneybull promo raises the stakes and eyebrows

Webull has been a regular sponsor for some time now, so when they unveil promo after promo, they are sometimes overlooked by even those promoting the deals. I’m taking credit for being possibly the first to notice that there was a really, really good Moneybull promo where one can get as much as US$3,000 for a US$100,000 deposit into Webull.

It was such a good deal that a healthy sense of scepticism kicked in – is Webull a safe place to put our funds? Who is the custodian? What is the catch? There was quite a bit of discussion and I think it was a good exercise in doing one’s due diligence before putting money into a product.

After my own prodding around and placing funds into Moneybull, I’m pretty satisfied with the experience so far, and look forward to getting my reward. We are nearing the end of the first promo now, and participants (yours truly included) will soon be receiving the bonus reward for taking part in the promo. 5th January 2024 is the date for rewards to be credited, after which the cash voucher will be credited within 7 days.

If you are a new Webull user, there’s still a chance to take part in a similar promo. There are a few days left to participate in the latest promo which matches the US$3,000 given in the first promo.

Most viewed: getting around UOB One’s salary requirement

This was the readers’ choice – UOB One’s salary workaround was the most viewed article on this very site in the past year. I’m guessing that at least a UOB executive or two have seen this post, and my theory has always been that the bank probably doesn’t care.

True enough – knocks on wood – the “hack” has been working over the past year, and yes it still works. Stay subscribed so you know if/when it doesn’t.

When in TikTok, do as the TikTokers do

This year, I also started becoming more active on… TikTok. How do you do, my fellow youngsters?

In my most viewed TikTok video to date, I had a little fun going around trying to pay with the Lee Kuan Yew commemorative coin.


7-11 guy so cute made exaggerated gestures so we can get more views 🥲

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Going viral online was also an interesting experience… and thankfully it was not for anything nefarious.

Driving positive change as much as I can

When I’m not disturbing cashiers, I also try to help people in my areas of expertise wherever I can. In 2023, I continued to reveal more about things like agent commissions and investment-linked policies in hopes that it improves awareness. Knowing more about the clashes of interest prevalent in our financial advisory industry allows people to make more educated financial decisions.

Such content invariably ruffles feathers and you can see for yourself the nasty comments left on my YouTube videos. I leave them up so people can see the kinds of characters we are up against, but what is not noticeable would be the trouble they try to land me in with my employers and regulators.

Nevertheless, I will continue to speak up against things that I find detrimental to one’s financial health, and sometimes such efforts are more recognised. Because I made a video to raise awareness of scams, I was invited to be on a panel discussion with a Minister of State to discuss what more can be done about scams. This not only acknowledges my efforts but also provides a platform to better discuss and influence the government to make positive change. I can only hope for more of such opportunities in future!

Putting my miles to good use

2023 was also the year I finally cashed in on my miles after collecting them since as long as 5 years ago. I took the chance to work remotely for a couple of weeks in Bali and Taipei, and also took business class for the very first time (fun fact: the article is the 8th most viewed this year).

I also managed to bring my parents on their first business class trips… though I’m really behind on my content schedule so you have to stay subscribed for a guide to bringing your own parents on such a trip 😅

Merry Christmas one and all!

As the website turns 4 years old, I continue to be amazed and appreciative that people continue to read and watch my content, participate in the group chat, and trust my recommendations to sign up for deals and promos through my links.

We are almost at the 13,000 mark for the Telegram channel, and the YouTube channel is slowly but steadily climbing to 9,000. Even after years of doing this, I still get motivated to press on each time the subscriber count increases. It’s sappy, I know, but it’s the reader and viewer who make this more than just an online diary for random ramblings, and for that I am grateful.

So to everyone reading this, thank you so much for doing so. Have yourself a Merry Christmas, an excellent new year, and I’ll see you in 2024!

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