Pro-tip: Easy Way to Meet UOB One Account Salary Requirement

Have a UOB One Account and can’t quite clock the salary requirement? It could be because you’re a freelancer and don’t have a fixed salary, or your salary is already used to satisfy the salary requirement of another account. Perhaps you just don’t want to disturb your HR person.

Regardless the reason, you can easily meet the salary requirement for UOB One Account by doing a simple FAST transaction or PayNow transfer from one of your other bank accounts to your UOB One Account and selecting Salary Payment as for the Purpose of Transfer. Some banks only allow you to set the transaction type for FAST, while some banks allow you to set for PayNow transfers. Either is fine (yes even FAST works, stop asking) as long as you get to choose the Purpose of Transfer/transaction type.

This nifty tip was discovered and shared by Hamizan in our Telegram group chat, and it still works in March 2023. April 2023 check this Telegram post to see if it is still working.

You can check the status of your salary credit in your UOB app, and it should be reflected about 2 days after the credit is done.


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  1. You need a banking app that lets you set Salary Payment as the transaction purpose. DBS, StanChart, UOB and CIMB should have this feature. OCBC does not.
  2. Set up a PayNow Transfer OR FAST transfer (yes this works as long as you have Salary Payment as the transaction purpose)
  3. Set Transaction Purpose as Salary Payment
  4. Transfer at least S$1,600 to your UOB Account
  5. The salary tracker within your UOB app should reflect the amount within 2-3 days

Does it still work?

You will see this Telegram post updated if it stops working.

Will it close?

As with most “hacks”, if this can be considered one, there’s always a risk of it being shut down by the bank. My advice is to do it as early in the month as you can, because for whatever reason this stops working, you have some time to arrange for another salary payment to be credited into your account. That might mean having to disturb HR after all, or find a helpful friend with a corporate bank account.

Personally, I think the risk of UOB closing this loophole of sorts is small. As I mentioned in the group chat (see what you are missing out), banks want you to credit your salary so that their product becomes a bit stickier. The vast majority of UOB One customers are probably going to dutifully instruct their HR to credit their salaries to their UOB One Accounts, and they’re probably going to keep using UOB One acc

Now if only we have a hack for the Spend requirement… 

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  1. By transferring a “SALARY” to your account, will you incur tax issues? As in, now there is a salary that I have to report?

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