Kris+ Miles-back is Back: 20% For NTUC FairPrice Vouchers

After a lengthy absence, Kris+ is back with a miles-back campaign where you can get 20% miles-back when you use your miles to redeem NTUC FairPrice vouchers at FairPrice Xtra and FairPrice Finest. The first 200 redemptions per store will also get a S$5 FairPrice Return Voucher with a minimum redemption amount of S$50.

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Remember to enter code W159000

New users

Get S$5 when you sign up with referral code W159000

Until 31st March 2024: spend 2 transactions of at least S$50 each with a Mastercard credit/debit card and get bonus 750 Krispay miles (S$5 rebate). Make sure to start the challenge first and this is limited to the first 2,500

Gives miles on top of your usual card rewards! Not a miles person? The miles can also be used as cashback. Get as much as additional 9 miles or 6% cashback! See the review here and check out the guide


This miles-back promo is between 28th March to 10th April 2024. To redeem FairPrice vouchers with your Kris+ miles, go to the customer service counter of FairPrice Xtra or FairPrice Finest outlet and tell them you wish to buy vouchers via Kris+. No registration is required.

Miles are credited instantly after your purchase and redemptions can be made more than once which is useful if you have a sizeable amount of miles in your account to clear out. For instance, if you have S$100 worth of KrisPay+ miles (15,000 miles), you can redeem all S$100 first to get S$20 (3,000 miles) back. You can then use these S$20 to redeem for S$20 of FairPrice vouchers and get S$4 (600 miles) back. It thus takes a few redemption to clear out your account.

Return Voucher

For the first 200 redemptions per store, there is a bonus S$5 Return Voucher if you redeem at least S$50 worth of FairPrice vouchers. These vouchers can only be used at the issuing brand which means if you have redeemed your vouchers at FairPrice Finest, you can only use the S$5 voucher at FairPrice Finest.

The voucher itself requires a minimum spend of S$50 to be redeemed and expires after a month. It is given at the counter as a physical voucher so you can ask the counter staff whether it is still available before redeeming.

Good way to clear bonus non-transferable miles and/or expiring KrisFlyer miles

If you have previously earned bonus miles which are not transferable to your KrisFlyer account, this is a good opportunity to offload those miles with a nice 20% bonus. It’s not nearly as good as the 30% to even 40% we’ve seen in the past, but that is unlikely to happen again given how Kris+ has been gradually becoming less generous with promos.

Those who have KrisFlyer miles and don’t have foresee using them for flights can also consider taking this chance to clear out their miles. This is especially so if you have expiring KrisFlyer miles that you can’t use before their expiry dates.

Kris+ is still a useful app even with less rewards

Promos from Kris+ have been less attractive in recent months, but it’s still a useful app to not just earn more KrisFlyer miles, but also provides a good outlet for spending miles that can’t be used for flights.

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