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Kris+ was named Wallet App of the Year 2022 by the very prestigious… Sethisfy Star Awards, and here is a guide for those unfamiliar with the app.

Sign up

You need to sign up for the app first, and you can do so below for some goodies. Link your existing KrisFlyer account, or if you don’t have one, you’d be asked to create an account during the sign-up process. Make sure to input the referral code.


Remember to enter code W159000

New users

Get S$5 when you sign up with referral code W159000

Get S$15 rebate with a single S$50 spend with a Mastercard debit/credit card. Until 31st May 2023

Gives miles on top of your usual card rewards! Not a miles person? The miles can also be used as cashback. Get as much as additional 9 miles or 6% cashback! See the review here and check out the guide

What is Kris+

Kris+ is a wallet app by Singapore Air, and it allows you to earn bonus miles at participating merchants. Miles earned can be transferred to your KrisFlyer account, or left in your Kris+ app to be used to rebate your next transaction. Each mile is worth 0.667 cents when used as rebates outside of promotional periods. Despite being linked to an airline’s frequent flyer programme, the app can be used entirely without any intention to fly.

Why use Kris+

It has been the most generous wallet app in 2022, and continue to offer strong earn rates and good promos. When you see a merchant offering Kris+ acceptance amongst other payment methods, it is likely Kris+ would give you the best rewards. Tap here for the review.


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Making use of promos

Weekly miles
Even without any spend, Kris+ gives you free miles as long as you launch the app and check in 3 times within a calendar week. You need to wait 24 hours in between check-ins.

Once completed, you get 75 miles which is worth S$0.50. It used to be a S$1 or 150 miles each week, but free money is free money.

Such miles are non-transferrable and can only be used to offset transactions.

Spend promos
Kris+ regularly offers spend promos where you get additional miles for meeting a certain amount of spend. The amounts have varied from month to month, and the current promo at the time of writing is getting an additional S$10 or 1,500 miles with a minimum transaction of S$30 with a Mastercard.

This promo was released in December, and will last till 28th February 2023, which leads me to think that these promos would be quarterly now instead of monthly.

Other promos
Kris+ has been offering different promos throughout the year, and the best way to stay on top of things would be to subscribe to the Telegram for more updates. You should also check the Challenges tab for ongoing tasks that you can complete for extra rewards.

Some of the recurring promos so far have been milesback campaigns, and spin-to-win promos. More on these later.

Making payments

Discovering merchants
Making payments is the core function of most wallet apps, and the downside of Kris+ has been its relatively small number of merchants. This issue has been improving significantly over the past year as Kris+ has constantly added new merchants accepting its payment method. You can go to the Discover tab of the app to find merchants, particularly nearby ones, so that you can use your app.

Earn rates and privileges
Each merchant also displays their earn rates. Currently, the earn rates are as follows:

Earn RateEquivalent Rebate Value
9 miles per dollar6% per dollar spent
6 miles per dollar4% per dollar spent
3 miles per dollar2% per dollar spent

These are on top of whatever credit card reward you earn, and these miles are transferrable to your KrisFlyer account for flight redemptions.

They also tend to have privileges, such as discounts if you pay via Kris+.

Instead of paying at the merchant, you can also shop and buy vouchers. For instance, I once bought a S$50 G2000 voucher for S$40 which is an instant S$10 savings. You also get bonus miles and credit card rewards when you buy these deals.

Splitting payments

Update: please note that splitting of payments may lead to clawback of points as stated in terms and conditions

When it comes to a S$50 payment, you could hand the cashier a S$50 note, or 5 $10 notes if you so desire. It’s sort of the same when it comes to wallet apps, and with Kris+ you could split your payment into smaller ones for a couple of advantages.

Firstly, you can use different cards for the same transaction. This could be useful for optimising for your card’s rewards limit. For instance, you may have a S$2,000 spend, and you could split it equally between two cards that max out their rewards at S$1,000.

The second use would be for spin-to-win promos where each S$10 transaction gets a sure-win S$1 to S$20 prize. I recently split a S$200 purchase into 20 transactions and got about S$40 this way. I’m guessing Singapore Air would close this “loophole” of sorts soon, and I understand that some people find that this creates added work for the cashier.

Credit cards for payment

Kris+ preserves the underlying merchant category code (MCC) of each transaction. This means that if you pay using Kris+ at a place that is a fast food restaurant, the MCC would be 5814 and thus work for cards that give higher earn rates for that particular MCC.

Below are some credit cards that work with Kris+. Generally, if your card gives its high earn rate on online transactions, or for certain MCCs, Kris+ would work.

UOB EVOL6.67% cashbackKris+ transactions count as online
Citi Cash Back6% / 8%6% cashback for dining
8% for petrol/groceries
Citi SMRT5% cashbackKris+ transactions count as online
(confirmed by helpful Telegram members)
Maybank Family and Friends8% cashback8% for selected merchants; see review
UOB Preferred Platinum4 miles per dollarKris+ transactions count as online; transaction must be selected MCC
Given in blocks of S$5 of spend
HSBC Revolution4 miles per dollarKris+ transactions count as online; transaction must be selected MCC
DBS Woman’s World4 miles per dollarKris+ transactions count as online

Handling miles

Always transfer miles to your KrisFlyer Account
As a rule of thumb, you should always transfer miles from your Kris+ app to your KrisFlyer account if you are able to. This is because you can always transfer miles from your KrisFlyer account back to your Kris+ app, but the reverse isn’t always true. Also, there are often promos to get bonus miles when you transfer from KrisFlyer to Kris+.

So far, only miles you earn from payments can be transferred to your KrisFlyer account, and you should do so within a 7-day period. After that, they are stuck in your Kris+ account with a 6-month validity date.

Miles earned from bonuses and weekly check-ins are non-transferrable, and can only be used as rebates for your transactions.

Spend miles only during milesback promos
For miles that are in your Kris+ app, you should try to spend them only during milesback promos. From time to time, Kris+ gives you miles – as much as 35 to 40% – when you spend them during the promotional period.

This means that a S$50 transaction costing 7,500 miles would give you back 3,000 miles during a 40% milesback campaign, making your miles a lot more valuable than the usual 0.667 cents each.

Secondly, paying with miles generate no bonus Kris+ miles or card rewards, so you would normally spend with your credit card to clock those rewards during “normal” periods. The exception to this would of course be if your Kris+ miles are expiring soon.

An easy way to offload your miles would be to buy FairPrice vouchers at a FairPrice Finest outlet. They only accept Kris+ miles, so you can’t buy vouchers using your credit card via Kris+.

Miscellaneous tips

Kris+ has constantly been adding new features and promos, so you should explore the app to find things you might like.

Shopping on KrisShop via Kris+ can get you a lot of bonus miles. Stuff there aren’t the cheapest compared to sites like Lazada or Shopee, but you might come across something that is reasonably priced, and worth buying especially factoring the added miles you’d get.

Cab booking with CDG Zig was also recently added in, and if the ride is comparable in cost to other ride-hailing apps, you would want to book it here for extra miles.

As with most things, the app and its promos are always changing, so subscribe to the Telegram for the latest updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for people who like miles?
No, Kris+ is actually a very good app even for those who like cash rebates since you can use the miles to offset your purchases.

Can I buy FairPrice vouchers with Kris+?

You can only do so with KrisPay miles. FairPrice Finest does not accept credit card payment via the Kris+ app.

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