Great Stuff to Read/Watch Over CNY While Dodging Relatives’ Questions

Having downtime in between visiting? Bored at your relatives’ place? Insurance agent cousin trying to sell you an ILP?

Here are some of the greatest (in my opinion, anyway) articles and videos on personal finance you can consume and unlike pineapple tarts, they don’t have any calories.

Guide to Huat Pals 2023

Huat Pals is back for CNY, but unlike previous years I feel like it’s lacking a significant part of its social aspect since there are no baskets to be traded.

Nonetheless, it’s all good fun if you do uncover an Ingot for yourself, and here’s a guide on how to play. It’s a great way to divert the topic when nosey aunties ask how much you’re earning now.

Defend yourself against insurance agent relatives!

Insurance and insurance agents get a bad rep, and justifiably so because of the policies that tend to be sold. Here are some policies and their downsides you need to be aware of, and don’t buy a policy just to support your friend or relative.

Third Aunt’s youngest son get his commission upfront but you’re stuck with a lifelong commitment. It’s less painful to distract them with bakkwa while you view these:

Everyone’s favourite topic: property

Need some icebreaker topics? Why not talk about Singaporean’s perennial pet topic? Here are some talking points you might want to lead with in case the conversation goes into things like why you haven’t gotten married:

Savings instruments are a great way to break up awkward silence

Nothing to talk about? “Wah now the interest rates very good hor” is a good way to break pregnant pauses and avoid potential questions on when you’re having a child.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Of course, if your relatives are nice, pleasant people who don’t ask intrusive questions, you must share these deals with them:

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