Analysing the Great Grab Giveaway

Grab is having a promotional campaign to give GrabRewards points for using your GrabPay Wallet.

Spending must be done from your GrabPay Wallet which means payments that are charged directly to one of your saved cards or PayLater will not qualify. You have to top-up your balance and spend from there. GrabPay Card spend is also included.

Potential rewards

For $250 spend, you get 2,500 points. At 0.2 cents each, this is $5 or a 2% rebate. For $500, you get a whopping 15,000 points which is worth $30. That’s a really decent 6% rebate on top of the usual Grab points you get on the spending.

A Platinum user would get 4 points per dollar spent which is 0.8% rebate. Hence, the total rebate is 2.8% rebate on $250 spend and 6.8% rebate on $500 spend in form of Grab points. If you trade your points for miles, this translates to 1.4 mpd and 3.4 mpd. This is pretty awesome, since you also get whatever rewards your card gives you for topping up your Grab.


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Speaking of which, the campaign also offers 1,000 points ($2 worth) for topping up $250 with a MasterCard which represents 0.8% rebate or 0.4 mpd. Many MasterCard cards have since excluded Grab top-ups from rewards, so this wouldn’t be too attractive. There are reports of StanChart Unlimited Cashback card still giving 1.5% cashback, but I would rather just use my Spree card for 2% or Citi Rewards (Visa) for 4 mpd since this is limited to the first 1,000 people who also qualified for the minimum spend.

To maximise your yield, try to spend a round $250 or $500. Play this right, and the maximum rewards you can get:

$250 Spend$500 Spend
2% (Spree) +
2.8% (Grab points)
2% (Spree) +
6.8% (Grab points)
Miles5.4 mpd
4 mpd (CitiRewards) +
1.4 mpd (Grab points)
7.4 mpd
4 mpd (CitiRewards) +
3.4 mpd (Grab points)

*Amex True Cashback (apply) gives 3% if you are new to Amex!

Fastest spenders first

The catch is that you have to be the first 5,000 people for the $250 spend, and first 500 for the $500 spend. I qualified for $250 spending on the second morning of Weeks 1 & 2, so fingers crossed that I get my 2,500 points.

If you have any upcoming purchase, particularly $500 ones, try to line them up for the minute each of the periods start. 500 is a very low number and I don’t believe that it will last beyond the first couple of hours of each period.

Some ideas how to reach $250/$500 quickly within the first hour:

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