Flash Sale: 50% off Grab Vouchers – Until 7th June or While Stocks Last

Grab is having a flash sale on their GrabRewards catalog and Grab vouchers are all 50% off. This will last until 7th June or while stocks last. As of writing, some of the vouchers such as $10 Grab ride vouchers are sold out, but I was able to redeem it when I posted it in my Telegram channel (subscribe to get timely updates).

The usual redemption rate currently is 0.2 cents for every point you have. This sale means you can redeem your points at 0.4 cents each.

I redeemed a couple of vouchers, but did not go crazy this time like I did before the last devaluation of points. Grab ride vouchers are not as useful as before given the prevailing pandemic situation, and I’m hesitant to get more GrabFood vouchers as their prices aren’t very competitive.

Nonetheless, if you are a frequent Grab user and/or wish to clear your points, this is a very good opportunity to do so. Just remember that you also have the ability to clear points at 0.2 cents each when you use GrabPay via a QR code.

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