Great Deal: Easy $220 + Interest For Citi Plus Account, And $350 for Citi Cards!

Citibank’s latest offering, Citi Plus, is running a great deal for new-to-Citi customers. You can get as much as S$560 $570 cash for signing up for the Citi Interest Booster Account and a Citi credit card through my links below. This promo is higher than signing up directly with the bank.

Update: thanks to a reader who spotted a better promo elsewhere, I am matching that promo by increasing the sign-up reward. Thanks for choosing to support my site!

Already a Citi cardholder? You still qualify for the Citi Interest Booster Account promo, and you still get a bonus reward for having a Citi credit card. Application is also really fast when Citi already has your details.

Promo details

Citi Plus

Interest Booster Account

Until 31st October 2022

ActivityNew to Citi Customers
(no Citi account nor credit card)
Existing Citi Cardholders
(no Citi account)
Apply for Citi Plus Interest Booster Account and fund S$15,000 within 2 months of enrolment and maintain it till the end of 6th calendar month
Important: fill up Singsaver form in email!S$150 cashS$150 cash
Apply for Citi Credit Card and make a minimum qualifying spend of $500 within 30 days of card approvalS$350 cash (or choice of gadget)N/A
Holds a valid primary/main card of an eligible Citi Credit Card within 2 calendar months from enrolment S$60S$60
Total Rewards S$560$210
For reference only. Terms and conditions.

Get up to 2.8% p.a. interest on your savings. Fall-below fees are waived until 31 December 2023. See the review here.

Promo analysis

I didn’t give Citi Plus the best of reviews, but this is still a worthy promo to pick up. Getting S$210 of cash on S$15,000 of savings set aside for 6 months is a great deal and it’s roughly 2.8% p.a. by my calculation. You also get the base interest of 0.3% p.a. offered by the account, on top of whatever bonus categories you qualify for, making your ROI above 3% p.a. easily.

While not the same class of product, the returns you can get from this promo is quite similar to that of Singapore government’s t-bills, except you maintain full liquidity over funds you place in this account. Also, you have 2 months from enrolment to place your funds, effectively putting away your savings for around 4 months or so.

Finally, there is also no fall-below fee until 31st December 2023. You may also close your account after 6 months from opening to avoid any closure fees.

To be clear, this promo is also better than signing up from the bank directly:

Citibank’s offer

The promo offered by Singsaver increases the first and third columns to S$150 and $350 (or iPad) respectively, and you still enjoy the other columns, although I suggest skipping the fourth column entirely. Spending $500 per month on better cashback cards can yield you much better rewards over a year than just $120.

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