Excellent Offer: Get S$525 Sign-up Gifts With uSMART

Update: This post has been updated to better reflect the terms and conditions. Please do read through the terms and conditions when signing up.

uSMART has just updated its sign-up offer, and it’s really generous: sign up for uSMART as a new user and you can get either US$180 or US$360 in cash coupons when you fund and maintain US$1,500 or US$10,000. That’s S$258 and S$516 at the time of writing, which is possibly the highest sign-up gift we’ve seen recently for a trading app. Do note the requirements and read the terms and conditions.

On top of these rewards, you also get US$6 worth of Tesla shares, making your maximum gift US$366 (S$525) in total. (There is also a US$36 gift for funding USD$200, but do dream a little bigger and don’t squander your new-to-uSMART status 🥲)

Cash coupons can be redeemed for cash credit in your count, and you can withdraw them for cash if you so desire. Read/watch my review of uSMART here.


First deposit: at least US$1,500 or US$10,000

Until 30th June 2024

12 days 4 hours 32 minutes 34 seconds left to grab this offer!

Register and open account with this link (if promo code is required, do enter n7m2on)Tap here for rewards and terms and conditions

Read/watch the review here

Meeting the requirements

Given that there is fractional trading which allows you to buy shares in small amounts, as well as zero commissions and settlement fees (until 31st December 2022), it’s quite easy to meet the trade requirements.

Some FAQs:

1) Can funding be done in SGD then covert USD in app? 

uSMART’s reply: Yes, we allow in-app currency conversion. 

2) Can holding US$10,000 worth of SGD work?

uSMART’s reply: Yes, USD 10,000 or equivalent.

3) If value of assets fall below required amount due to currency or stock fluctuations, will sign-up gift still be given?

uSMART’s reply: Our system does have some allowance for currency and stock fluctuations and we will not disclose the buffer amount. You may suggest to your viewers to deposit slightly more to avoid any issue. 

Once you get your cash vouchers, you may redeem them once each month, and the amount will be

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