GrabRewards Sale: 40% to 90% Discount Off GrabFood Vouchers

This comes quite timely after my last post: Grab is discounting the redemption cost of GrabFood vouchers and the discount ranges from 40% to 90% depending on the voucher amount.

Thanks to Mouse Hunter for the heads-up.

Voucher AmountPointsDiscountValue Per Point*
$1550 5590%1.82¢
$52,500 1,00060%0.50¢
$105,000 3,00040%0.33¢

*Note that you can’t stack these vouchers with other promo codes and offers Grab usually has. You could have, for instance, used a self pick-up offer or gotten free delivery during tea-time, but not if you are using a voucher. This negates the usefulness of vouchers quite a fair bit, particularly the $1 voucher as attractive as 1.82 cents per Grab point sounds.

The value per point in the table is thus only accurate if you find yourself not using the various GrabFood offers found in Grab’s app.

There is a limit of 5 redemptions per voucher per user. There is also an overall limit, which means it could possibly finish before the stated promo end date of 7th September 2021.

Redeeming for STAR$, particularly discounted ones during offers, remains one of the best ways to spend your Grab points. But if you do find yourself using GrabFood without offers, the vouchers here are pretty attractive too.

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