How-to: Double the Value of Your Grab Points and Earn More Rewards With Grab

Update 30/08/2021: this post is unfortunately affected by the recent change to SP GreenUP

I have written quite a bit about Grab, SP GreenUP, and Grab Rewards redemptions. Now it’s time for an all-in-one explainer that is hopefully helpful, especially for those new to the game. Share this with a friend who has been squandering their Grab points!

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Value of each point

Each Grab point is worth at least 0.2 cents for redemptions outside of sales periods. It can go up to as much as 0.44 cents!

Redeem carefully

Do not redeem for 0.2 cents
You can easily redeem them for much better value during sales which come quite often. Subscribe to the Telegram to stay updated whenever there is a sale going on.

Redeem for STAR$
Redeeming for CapitaStar STAR$ gives you the best bang for your buck due to SP GreenUP. SP GreenUP boosts the value of your STAR$ very significantly: 3,500 STAR$ is now worth $5 as opposed to the usual 5,000 STAR$ for $5.

Earning more Grab points

You should make Grab QR payments where possible. Many cash-only businesses accept Grab now including hawker stalls.

Also, take advantage of the monthly Grab Power Up Challenges to boost your earnings, and keep a look out for occasional promos like topping up your Grab Wallet with your bank account for free points. Join us on the Telegram for such updates.

Get cashback on your top-ups

On top of the points given by Grab, top up your Grab Wallet with these cards to earn cashback:

Cards to top up Grab

Get 1.5% cashback on Grab top-ups with the Amex True Cashback Card.

True Cashback

 New to Amex


3% cashback on first $5,000 of spend (Grab top ups get 1.5% instead)

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