Here’s How to Maximise Your Grab Points/STAR$ Up to Double the Value (Do it by 14th Dec!)

Update 14/12/2020: STAR$ redemption for 30% off on Grab is now sold out

Having a literal hangover from 12/12, but instead of sleeping in I’ve found a really great way to maximise my Grab points and naturally I spent the morning getting this post out. Many thanks to various helpful members in the Telegram group chat for giving extra pointers on this!!

What are Grab points worth?

You can redeem your points for vouchers on Grab’s redemption catalogue, and for most vouchers, your Grab points are normally worth 0.2 cents each. 2,500 points is hence worth $5. This valuation also holds true for using points to offset your GrabPay transactions and Grab rides/food deliveries.

If you come across a redemption that deviates significantly from this valuation, do try to find out the real value of the redemption first. For instance, you may get a $20 off discount voucher for a particular product you may want for only 2,000 points, which supposedly values your Grab points at 1 cent each. There’s a good chance you can find this product readily discounted on online retail sites without the need of a discount voucher, so do a little research and don’t squander your Grab points.


Get up to S$740 bonus vouchers or 74,000 bonus miles on top of usual welcome offers!

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Grab redemption sales

Update: Sold out!

There are times where Grab has substantial discounts on their redemption catalogue and you can get anywhere between 30-50% off which brings the value of your points up quite substantially.

Currently, there is such a sale that ends tomorrow (14th December), and you get 30% instant point rebate on various redemptions like Lazada, Qoo10, or Burger King vouchers. You would want to get the 5,000 STAR$ for CapitaVouchers, and by doing so you would have gotten a value of $5 for 1,750 Grab points, valuing each point at 0.286 cents per point. Not too shabby, but let’s take it even further.

If you don’t have a CapitaStar account yet, use code CSXMAS20 on sign up for $5 eCapitaVoucher. I don’t earn referral perks from this… (unfortunately! 😔)

SP Utilities GreenUP

The SP Utilities app has a GreenUP challenge where you earn leaves to grow a digital plant. There are 4 levels to this plant, and each increase in level gets you a discount when you use your STAR$ to redeem a $5 eCapitaVoucher:

  • Level 0 (Seed): 5,000 STAR$ (0% off)
  • Level 1 (Seedling): 4,500 STAR$ (10% off)
  • Level 2 (Sprout): 4,000 STAR$ (20% off)
  • Level 3 (Plant): 3,500 STAR$ (30% off)

For someone at Level 3, you can redeem each $5 eCapitaVoucher at only 3,500 STAR$!

Doing the Math: at Level 3 (Plant), each STAR$ is now worth 0.143 cents, which means your 5,000 STAR$ redemption from Grab is worth $7.15, thus making your Grab points worth 0.408 cents each, or double the value! Level 1 (Seedling) nets 0.317 cents per Grab point while Level 2 (Sprout) does an admirable 0.357 cents.

Unfortunately you have until 31st December to grow your plant because this promo ends then. Is it easy getting to Plant in the next couple of weeks? It greatly depends if you have a utility account with SP as it helps you get leaves much faster. Fortuitously, I have two premises under SP and this would help me get to Plant quickly.

  • Level 1 (Seedling): 300 leaves
  • Level 2 (Sprout): 700 leaves
  • Level 3 (Plant): 1200 leaves

Even if you don’t hit Plant, try getting to Seedling or Sprout; getting 10% or 20% off your redemption is still pretty good. Subscribe to the Telegram channel and join the Telegram group for tips on earning leaves.

Steps, summarised

To clarify, here are the steps you need to do:

  1. Get a CapitaStar account (if you don’t have one) with code CSXMAS20
  2. Redeem STAR$ under Grab app’s 12/12 30% pointsback (by end of 14th December)
  3. Use SP Utilities app to earn leaves in the GreenUP challenge (by end of 31st December)
  4. Once you are at the maximum plant level you are able to reach, link your CapitaStar account and use your STAR$ on the discounted vouchers (by end of 31st December)

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