Easy Deal: Revolut Offering $20 For New Sign Ups

We are almost in the middle of September, and it’s been a crazy month of promos so far!

Haven’t gotten a Revolut account? Here is an easy $20: sign up for Revolut, order a physical card, and make 3 transactions with your virtual card. You must complete all steps before the end of 14th September 2021, and the $20 should be credited into your account almost instantly.

Promo details


  1. Sign up using this link
  2. Important: Order a physical card (pay if you want a fancy metal card, or just pick the free one)
  3. Order a virtual card (light blue)
  4. Make 3 transactions of at least $10 each with your virtual card before end of 14th September 2021

What is Revolut for?

Revolut is a pretty great wallet app with perhaps the best designed app I’ve seen among wallet apps, and it has useful analytics of your spend.

It is also notable for being able to send wallet money to your recipients via bank transfer, on top of the Revolut card provided for online and offline purchases. Lots of chatter about how to best use Revolut in our chat group, and I’m sure you’d find a use or two for it.

It also currently gives a staggering 20% cashback on public transportation rides until the end of this year. Definitely the card you’d want to use for SimplyGo.


$20 is a far cry from the $50 Revolut was offering a few months ago, but given the unceremonious way they pulled the plug on that promo prematurely, this might be the next best thing if you missed it back in June. It’s still easy money and a great app that might just come in handy 😉

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