Pretty Insane Deal: Get Sign-up Cashback and Miles For Amex KrisFlyer Cards – Even For Existing Amex Cardholders!

Don’t yet have an Amex KrisFlyer card? Here is an extremely good reason to add one to your card collection: get generous amounts of cashback and miles for signing up and spending on your new Amex Krisflyer Card!

There are two cards to choose from: Amex KrisFlyer (Blue) and Amex KrisFlyer Ascend. The Amex KrisFlyer (Blue) card has the annual fee waived for the first year, and earns 1.1 miles per dollar spent. Amex KrisFlyer Ascend has an annual fee of $337.05, and earns 1.2 miles per dollar spent, and it requires an annual income of at least $50,000.

Promo Details

ActivityReward for Amex KrisFlyer (Blue)Reward for Amex KrisFlyer Ascend
(annual fee of $337.05 applies)
First time spending on card5,000 miles5,000 miles
Spend minimum $2,000 in first 3 months$80 cashback$120 cashback
Spend minimum $3,000 in first 3 months (includes the $2,000 spend above)– 5,000 miles
– $200 cashback if new to Amex
Spend minimum $5,000 in first 3 months if you are new to Amex (includes the $2,000 spend above)– 1 Night Stay in Luxury Room at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa
– 10,000 miles if new to Amex
Total Rewards if min spend is achieved (existing Amex Customer but new to Amex KrisFlyer cards)13,300 miles (5,000 + 5,000 + 3,300 base rewards)
$80 cashback
11,000 miles (5,000 + 6,000 base rewards)
$120 cashback
1 Night Stay
Total Rewards if min spend is achieved (new Amex Customer)13,300 miles (5,000 + 5,000 + 3,300 base rewards)
$280 cashback
21,000 miles (5,000 + 6,000 base rewards)
$120 cashback
1 Night Stay
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As this is a referral promotion, please fill out this form. I have encountered situations where banks do not pay out referral incentives, and it’s best for the referred and referrer to stay in touch in the rare occasion this happens.

💳 A new American Express customer refers to cardholders who do not currently have a Basic Amex Card and have not cancelled any in the past 12 months.

If your Amex card was issued by a bank, you still qualify as a new cardholder. For example, if you have a UOB Amex Card or DBS Amex Card, you still count as a new customer to Amex as long as you do not have a Basic Amex Card.

Miles = money too

Even if you are not a miles person, note that miles can easily be used as a form of currency, at a valuation of between 0.67 to 0.8 cents per mile. The 13,300 miles you get is about $89 if you spend it via KrisPay, or $106 to spend on That’s quite a substantial reward on top of of the cashback you are getting.

To summarise, if you sign up through the link and spend $3,000 of qualifying spend on your Amex KrisFlyer (Blue) card, you get 13,300 miles and $80 cashback. Get another $200 cashback if you are a new to Amex customer.

For Amex KrisFlyer Ascend, you get 11,000 miles and $120 cashback, as well as 1 night stay at Sofitel. You get an additional 10,000 miles if you are a new Amex customer.

Personally, I would go for the Amex KrisFlyer Blue card because of the lack of compulsory annual fee and lower spending requirement.

Do read through the terms and conditions on the landing page when you sign up.

Chance to win a Tesla Model 3

By signing up, you also get 30 bonus chances for a lucky draw for a Tesla Mode 3! You can find more details about the draw here.


Given the minimum spending requirement, it’s not the easiest sign-up gift for sure, but given that the rewards are really generous, you should definitely sign up especially if you have large purchases in the near future. New iPhone, perhaps?

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