Singapore Savings Bond November 2022 – Highest Ever Average Returns of 3.08% to 3.21% P.a.

Singapore Savings Bond November 2022 is out and it’s the largest we have seen to date: 3.08% p.a. for a 1-year tenure, and 3.21% p.a. for the whole ten years. This is an all-time high, beating the returns of August 2022‘s 3% p.a. returns.

Year from issue date12345678910
Interest %
Average return per year %*
SBNOV22 GX22110A Bond Details

Past Singapore Savings Bonds compared

Past SSBs

Year From Issue Date12345678910
June 20232.812.812.812.812.812.812.812.812.812.81
July 20232.762.762.762.762.762.762.762.782.812.82
August 20232.972.972.972.972.972.972.972.982.982.99
September 20233.
October 20233.
November 20233.
December 20233.303.303.303.303.303.303.313.343.373.40
Average return per year %

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Year From Issue Date12345678910
May 20220.861.491.721.841.911.962.
Jun 20221.431.922.162.302.372.432.462.492.512.53
Jul 20221.692.162.372.472.542.602.632.662.692.71
Aug 20222.002.422.632.742.822.882.922.952.973.00
Sep 20222.632.672.682.692.692.712.732.752.782.80
Oct 20222.602.602.602.622.642.662.682.702.732.75
Nov 20223.
Dec 20223.
Jan 20232.952.952.953.
Feb 20232.842.842.842.842.842.842.862.902.942.97
Mar 20232.762.762.762.762.762.762.782.822.862.90
Apr 20233.
May 20233.

Average return per year %

Tranche size remains at $900 million

The tranche size remains $900 million compared to last month’s bond, and is $200 million more than the last time SSB hit an all-time high return in August 2022. August 2022’s SSB was severely oversubscribed and every individual was allocated less than $10,000 of bonds.


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This month’s would definitely see similar levels of interest and oversubscription, and in all likelihood have an even lower ceiling amount. In the case of oversubscription, a ceiling amount would be prescribed. August 2022 SSB saw a maximum amount of $9,500 allotted per individual.

Singapore Savings Bonds remain a good place to keep savings, given its relative flexibility and attractive rates in recent months.

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Application timeline

Note that applying early does not confer you any priority in the allotment process, so it is more ideal to apply nearer to the closing date.

Opening DateClosing DateAllotmentIssuance
1st business day of month (6PM)4th last business day of the month (9PM)3rd last business day of the month (after 3PM)1st business day of the following month (end of day)
3rd October 2022 (6PM)26th October 2022 (9PM)27th October 2022 (after 3PM)1st November 2022 (by end of day)

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