It Adds Up: 50 Cents Cashback For Each Hawker QR Transaction

Nestia is a wallet app (another one!) that is now giving 50 cents of cashback for each hawker centre QR transaction until 30th September 2022. Download the app here.

The cashback is only given on hawker transactions of at least $1 each, and is limited to $10 per month (that’s 20 transactions). Hawker stalls need to accept UnionPay, and your best bet is looking for hawker stalls that accept NETS QR payments (look for decals that show an amalgamation of wallet app logos). The cashback is credited the following day from your transaction into your Nestia wallet.

Look for hawker stalls that display this kind of decal

It may not seem like much, but assuming you are like me who eat at hawker places often, it’s way too easy to clock transactions at hawker centres. One teh peng and a plate of chicken rice would now be cheaper by 50 cents each, a respite for the everyday Singaporean grumbling about the rising costs of living.


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Even if you’re not into this, your parents probably would. My mum uses Nestia at the wet market and loves the savings. If your folks are on friendly terms with the hawker, they could even split up transactions into smaller ones to maximise the cashback. 

Topping up the wallet is limited to PayNow only and there’s no credit card option here. You can still get rewards by topping up with Google Pay which gives luck-dependent scratch cards. GrabPay’s pay to PayNow option also works and although it comes without Grab points, you still get rewards on the top up.

The app itself is possibly one of the worst when it comes to wallet apps. It’s riddled with ads, sometimes forcing you to sit through seconds of an advertisement even if you’re trying to make payment. It also includes news from online tabloids for some reason, and the rest of the app is filled with things I am not keen to explore. It may turn off some from using the app altogether, but for me, $10 a month is $10 a month.

You can download the app here.

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