ShopBack in 2022: New(ish) Features Like ShopBack Pay and Vouchers

ShopBack would be in Primary 2 now if it were a schoolgoing kid, so it’s by no means a new service. It has, however, been undergoing puberty changes, and new features have been launched in the pas t year or so, so it’s probably time to take another look at it.

New ShopBack UserExisting ShopBack User
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Use ShopBack Pay and get $5 off first transaction with minimum $5 spend$5$5

Old feature has been useful over the years

I’ve been using ShopBack for years now, and it has been quite decent with its promos over time: I remember getting a great deal of discount for my travel booking before the pandemic, and last year there was an upsized cashback promo for Apple products which I also took advantage of. For my upcoming trips, it continues to give a good amount of cashback for things like Expedia and Agoda.

A testament to how small amounts add up over time, I have racked up almost $600 of cashback in all. In a world that changes a lot, ShopBack’s original product offering has stayed pretty much the same, and that has worked out nicely for me.

New(ish) feature: ShopBack Pay

Other things do change, and ShopBack has also evolved with the times, introducing ShopBack Pay which is yet another wallet app. As far as I can tell, ShopBack has been quite good at pulling merchants on board, and I have been seeing ShopBack Pay sprouting up at many shops I frequent. They also proclaim boldly that they’re offering the highest cashback, and based on the few times I’ve used it so far, it’s been quite true.

It looks visually quite similar to its competitor, ShopeePay, (at least in their colour schemes) so I often have to do a quick double take to confirm which app I can use at the store. In terms of payment, it’s more similar to FavePay in which you pay directly from your card, instead of having to top up your wallet like GrabPay or ShopeePay. This means that you also earn rewards on the card you are using.

New users of ShopBack Pay, even old-time ShopBack users, can get $5 cashback with a minimum spend of $5 on their first transaction. Pretty sweet for something that is super simple to use, and existing ShopBack users likely already have credit card details linked.

The downside of ShopBack Pay when compared to something like ShopeePay or Kris+ is that the cashback is locked until a repeat purchase is made with the merchant you earned the cashback from. This is pretty much like FavePay which is designed to encourage repeat visits to the same merchant. In contrast, coins and miles earned on ShopeePay and Kris+ are usable for any merchant you pay to.


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ShopBack has also recently made vouchers more prominent in the app and in storefront marketing. There are likely to be some vouchers you’d find useful: foodpanda, Qoo10, Cathay etc. vouchers among others are available with varying amounts of cashback.

A gem that Sole Guy from the Telegram chat discovered and shared with the group was getting $100 eCapitaVoucher for just $90 which is a neat 10% discount. Sole Guy has also helpfully uncovered the MCC for the voucher, and it is 5812 unlike typical eCapitaVoucher which is under 6540. This means that cards giving extra rewards on dining should work, and all your typical high-earn cashback cards would likely give their rewards on this.

Unfortunately, the deal was over rather quickly, but the MCC for other vouchers is quite likely to work with high-earn credit cards based on anecdotal accounts from members in the chat. This means you can stack the rewards of your credit card with the cashback that Shopback offers for these vouchers.

It may be worth the time to browse their catalogue for vouchers that may be useful to you, and who knows, maybe something like the eCapitaVoucher deal will appear again.


The “Earn More” tab brings you to a bunch of challenges you can complete for additional rewards. Right now the easy ones seem to be buying $50 of GrabFood vouchers for bonus a $5 voucher, referring friends for extra cashback, and depending on your spend habits perhaps one of the various brand challenges that they have.

Sign-up bonus

If you somehow don’t have ShopBack, download it below with my promo code to receive the stated rewards:


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New users

Get S$5 when you sign up with referral code CsgtbD, make a transaction of at least S$20, and add your withdrawal information.

Terms and conditions

Gives extra cashback on top of your usual card rewards!


In a highly competitive fintech space where new entrants pop up all the time (with a few failing spectacularly), it’s interesting to see a relatively old name stick around this long. Cost of living is rising more than ever these days, and having additional cashback from apps like ShopBack is always a great thing.

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  1. Does Shopback Pay Transactions count as “online” for say, DBW Woman’s / HSBC Revolution to earn 4 mpd? Or is this excluded as a “quasi-cash” transaction.

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