Great Promo: 35% Miles-back for Kris+ Until 14th August

To celebrate National Day, Kris+ is offering a sizeable 35% miles-back promo until 14th August 2022 for amounts paid using KrisPay miles. This is an amazing deal for those who have built up a sizeable stash of KrisPay miles in their Kris+ app. I have said it before and it bears repeating: Kris+ has been a really good cashback wallet despite the thick miles branding.

35% miles-back promo

The 35% miles-back is instantly credited when you use your KrisPay miles to pay for Kris+ transactions. For example, if you use 750 miles to offset a $5 transaction, you will get 262 miles credited back to your account instantly.

A good and quick way to use KrisPay miles, as shared by SS Lee in the chat, is to use Kris+ miles to pay for NTUC FairPrice vouchers. You can only do this at FairPrice Finest outlets.


Remember to enter code W159000

New users

Get S$5 when you sign up with referral code W159000

Gives miles on top of your usual card rewards! Not a miles person? The miles can also be used as cashback. Get as much as additional 9 miles or 6% cashback! See the review here and check out the guide

Is it worth transferring KrisFlyer miles to Kris+ for this promo?

Each KrisPay mile is worth about 0.667 cents. A 35% boost makes each mile approximately 0.9 cents. It is a far more decent rate than 0.667, obviously, but I personally feel that it is a little low for one to liquidate their KrisFlyer miles for if you have the intention to use your miles for flights. Nonetheless there may be people with some miles they want to get rid of, and they can take advantage of this miles-back promo to liquidate their KrisFlyer miles. Update: Math is a bit wonky here; check out this post for more accurate calculation.

It is noteworthy that the Kris+ challenge awarding 750 miles for 2,000 miles now becomes more attractive. 2,750 miles is worth $24.75 if you use them to pay within the promo period, overall giving you 1.24 cpm for 2,000 of miles. It’s pretty okay.

People who would benefit most from this promo would funnily be cashback people who have been accumulating KrisPay miles in the app to be used for rebates rather than transferring them to KrisFlyer. Of course, all the free miles given by Kris+ over the months and weeks can be put to good use now.


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Kris+ deals

I suggest checking out Kris+ deals because there are gems from time to time. They are currently having $5.70 cocktails, and I don’t understand why this isn’t sold out.

Upcoming $1 to $20 reward per transaction

For those who haven’t earned a good stash of KrisPay miles, a really good promo that ran last month is coming up again: get sure-win prizes of 150 to 3,000 KrisPay miles (S$1 to S$20) for every S$10 transaction from 15th to 31st August.

My happy little experience

I used Kris+ to great effect on the last day of July by making 19 $10 transactions for a $190 dining bill. It took a little explaining to the cashier who left me with their KrisPay QR to make my transactions, and I walked away with 5,500 additional miles – almost $37 worth, and now almost $50 in value due to the miles-back promo. It is clearly a bit more trouble, but I can’t say no when I‘m guaranteed 10% rebate with potentially more when the payment is split like this.

The merchant also gave 15% discount for using Kris+, despite the fact I was also using a Kris+ voucher I bought. Our $410.70 bill became $356.22, offset by a $160 voucher bought for $120, making the bill effectively $316.22. For those into savings porn, this amounted to $94.80 of direct discount, followed by $37 worth of KrisPay miles, and 1,896 additional miles (merchant gave 6 miles per dollar through Kris+). My card, of course, also earned me 1,264 miles. I love a good deal.

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