Great Deal: up to 60,000 Miles Welcome Offer For DBS Altitude

DBS is offering a big sign-up offer for DBS Altitude: up to 60,000 miles! There are a few options to pick from so let’s break down the promo.

Promo Details

This promo is for new DBS/POSB cardholders only. If you already have an existing DBS or POSB credit card, you can still consider other cards from the bank that offer existing customers sign-up rewards.

💳 A new DBS/POSB cardholder refers to those who do not currently have a principal credit card with DBS or POSB, and have not cancelled any in the past 12 months. Refer to the terms and conditions for exact requirements.

To qualify, sign up below and spend S$3,000 within the first 60 days from card approval to get your bonus miles.

The 60,000 miles figure sounds impressive and it is made up of the card’s earn rate, miles for paying the annual fee and bonus miles from the promo. Since the first two are part of the card’s normal features, the bonus miles is what you should be looking at when evaluating this promo, and that number is 43,400 miles. It’s still an excellent deal and the highest sign-up offer I’ve seen for the DBS Altitude card.

Promo Options

There are 2 variants of the DBS Altitude you can opt for as it comes in Visa and American Express. For either card, you can also choose to pay the annual fee for 10,000 more miles. This results in 4 options to pick from.

Visa vs Amex
Between Visa and Amex, my recommendation will be to go for the Amex version because of the higher bonus miles of 43,400 miles from this promo versus the Visa’s 36,400. The downside is that Amex is less widely accepted as Visa so make sure you have planned out how to make your S$3,000 spend for the promo.

Annual Fee
Regardless of which option you pick, you can choose to pay the annual fee of S$196.20 for additional 10,000 miles. Unless you are in urgent need for miles, I personally wouldn’t pick this option as it is a relatively steep price to pay for miles. Check out things like CardUp and ipaymy for a cheaper way to procure miles.

DBS Altitude
(Amex or Visa)

🔥 👍🏼

For new DBS/POSB cardholders

Annual Fee WaiverAnnual Fee Payment
American ExpressALTA50
43,400 bonus miles ⭐️
43,400 bonus miles + 10,000 miles
36,400 bonus miles
36,400 bonus miles + 10,000 miles
⭐️ is my recommended option

Spend S$3,000 on eligible transactions within 60 days from approval.

Until 31st May 2024

⚠️ Please remember to use the promo codes.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms and conditions (save a copy for future reference)

Get 1.3 mpd for local spend. Free Priority Pass membership which gives 2 complimentary lounge vists a year (exclusive to Visa version only).

What to spend on?

You need to meet the minimum spend to qualify for rewards, and note that there are transactions which are excluded. Read the terms and conditions carefully when signing.

Generally, retail transactions like buying stuff or dining out are very safe. Things like bill payments, education expenses and CardUp or ipaymy become a lot iffier.

Do check out this article on what you can spend on to meet the minimum spend:

How does this compare with DBS Vantage offer?

Concurrently, there is an all-time high offer with DBS Vantage giving 85,000 miles. I will have a comparison piece between the two deals so subscribe for updates.

I prefer the DBS Vantage deal as I feel that it is worth it to pay Vantage’s S$599.50 annual fee for more miles and its perks. Do note that there is a higher annual income requirement for DBS Vantage and the minimum spend for the promo is also higher at S$4,000 versus the Altitude’s S$3,000.

Existing DBS cardholders will also find that there is at least a sign-up promo for them there while there is no current existing cardholder offer for DBS Altitude.

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