All-time High: Get 85,000 Miles For DBS Vantage, Existing Customers Get 40,000

After a brief pause, DBS is back with an offer for DBS Vantage, and it’s the highest one we’ve seen – get 85,000 miles as a new-to-DBS/POSB cardholder! That’s more than enough to redeem a return trip to Taipei in business class and still have enough for a Bali getaway.

If you’re one of the many who already have a DBS or POSB credit card, existing users still get a promo for 40,000 miles.

In any case, HSBC and StanChart Journey both have been recently upsized so take a look at those if this deal doesn’t appeal to you. There are also other DBS card deals including a DBS Altitude promo which I will have a write up on shortly, so stay subscribed for that.

Promo Details

To qualify, sign up below and this time there is no promo code to enter so you can leave it blank.

You have to pay the first year’s annual fees (more on annual fees later) and that includes a free one-night hotel stay with the free Accor Plus membership. There is also a minimum spend of S$4,000 required within 30 days from card approval which is much lower than the S$8,000 requirement when it first launched in June 2022.

DBS Vantage

No promo code required

🔥 👍🏼

New and existing cardholders

New and existing cardmembers will be credited up to 85,000 miles and 40,000 miles respectively in the form of DBS Points, within 90 to 120 days from the Card approval date. 

  • Apply for a DBS Vantage Card
  • Make payment for non-waivable annual fee of S$599.50 (inclusive of GST); and
  • Charge a minimum spend of S$4,000 within 30 days from card approval date

Until 31st May 2024

See terms and conditions and save a copy for your future reference.

Get free Accor Plus Explorer membership with one free hotel night per year! Also get 10 free lounge visits a year via Priority Pass. S$120,000 annual income requirement. Watch the review here

Annual fees can indeed be waived (for subsequent years)

While the first year’s fee of S$599.50 cannot be waived, subsequent annual fees can be done away with a minimum spending of S$60,000. Cardholders get 25,000 miles each year when they pay the annual fee, and these miles wouldn’t be given if the fee is waived. However, even with a fee waiver, other perks like the Accor Plus membership with free hotel stay and the Priority Pass lounge visits still apply. That’s getting a free hotel stay each year without having the pay the annual fee!

Want a pro-tip to get your fees waived? Check out this page and follow the instructions for “annual fee waiver“.

Worth it for existing cardholders?

If you’re already an existing DBS/POSB cardholder, is the lower 40,000 miles welcome offer still worth paying the annual fee for? That is paying 1.49 cents for each mile which isn’t the cheapest, but it’s not entirely a bad deal particularly if you have a taste for business class flights.

The free Accor Plus membership should offset that cost quite significantly, so I think it is still a very attractive deal. A 10-visit Priority Pass is also uniquely useful in bringing larger groups of friends and family into lounges.

Other card promos

I’ve compared Citi Prestige and DBS Vantage before, but both promos have changed significantly since then so a new comparison is in order. Stay subscribed for more great deals and updates.

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