Kris+ Spend Challenge: Get S$25 Rebate With S$100 Spend

Until 29th February 2024, Kris+ is running its usual Mastercard challenge and users can get a decent S$25 rebate in the form of KrisPay miles. The downside is that there are limited redemptions, so the reward isn’t guaranteed unless you are quick enough to be one of the first 2,500.

If you’re not familiar with Kris+, it is a wallet app that lets you make payment at participating retailers and get bonus rewards. Miles earned can be transferred to your KrisFlyer account for flight redemptions, or be used to discount your next Kris+ transaction so even non-miles people would find value from this app.


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New users

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Until 31st March 2024: spend 2 transactions of at least S$50 each with a Mastercard credit/debit card and get bonus 750 Krispay miles (S$5 rebate). Make sure to start the challenge first and this is limited to the first 2,500

Gives miles on top of your usual card rewards! Not a miles person? The miles can also be used as cashback. Get as much as additional 9 miles or 6% cashback! See the review here and check out the guide

Promo Details

To qualify, start the challenge within the Kris+ app and make a payment of at least S$100. Both in-app deals and paying at a physical store that accepts Kris+ will work as long as you are making payment via the app. Remember that you have to use a Mastercard debit or credit card to qualify. Don’t be the idiot who once accidentally used a Visa card before wondering why the bonus miles weren’t given. (It’s me – I’m the idiot.)

The first 2,500 to complete this will get 3,750 KrisPay miles which is worth S$25 when you use it to offset a future Kris+ payment. The miles will expire in 6 months and cannot be transferred to your KrisFlyer account.


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Check-in challenges are back

Along with this spend challenge is the return of Kris+ weekly check-in challenge. Just log onto the app and tap the check-in button three times within a week to get 30 KrisPay miles per week which is worth S$0.20. Check-ins must be done 24 hours apart from each other.

It is still “free money” I guess, but a far cry from what it started with. At its inception, the weekly check-in offered S$1 each week before dropping to S$0.50 and finally the current S$0.20. I have given up after it dropped to S$0.20, but those who want their free miles can resume their weekly check-ins for them.

Where’re the milesback promos?

Kris+ challenges went on a break or something (Lunar New Year annual leave perhaps) and came back days fashionably late after I made a Kris+ transaction for a friend’s laptop purchase. The bigger question I have is, however, where are the milesback promos?

Milesback campaigns has been a recurring feature of Kris+ and I have often took the chance to dump my non-transferrable miles during such promos. It’s been a long gap since the last campaign, and I only just noticed I have miles which are reaching their 6-month shelf life and expiring at the end of this month. Indeed, it has been 6 months since the last milesback promo and either Christmas or Lunar New Year would have been opportune moments for it to return, but alas.

Stay subscribed if you want future updates on Kris+ and other great deals. Hopefully we’d see a milesback campaign sooner rather than later before more of our KrisPay miles expire. Do keep an eye on them and remember to use them before their expiry.

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