GrabRewards Flash Sale: 30 to 90% Off for Grab Ride Vouchers

For 1 day only on 30th October 2021, Grab is offering between 30 to 90% discount off the points required for redeeming Grab Ride vouchers.

Flash sale details

Voucher AmountRequired PointsDiscountValue Per Point*
$1550 55 points90%1.82 cents
$31,600 800 points50%0.375 cents
$52,500 1,750 points30%0.286 cents
$105,000 3,500 points30%0.286 cents
*Please see Analysis

You can redeem these in your Grab app, and they are limited to 10 per voucher per user.


Each Grab point is normally worth 0.2 cents, but a good rewards chaser would never redeem it at that value. Grab sales like this come often enough, and it’s easy to beat the 0.2-cent valuation.

While the $1 voucher seems to give the best bang for your points, do note that you cannot stack multiple vouchers for one ride. This means that this redemption could well be worth $0 in some cases. For instance, you could have booked a Grab ride for $12, while GoJek offers the ride for $11. Using your $1 for Grab in this case makes you no better off than simply booking a GoJek, which means you have spent 55 points for nothing.

The same calculus should be applied to the other redemptions if you’re nitpicky like me. I frequently see cheaper rides available on other ride hailing apps, and they’re usually a few dollars less. This means a $10 Grab voucher could be worth around $7 to $8, or however much cheaper the other rides are.

Even at the most optimal scenario (Grab Ride’s fare is on par or cheaper than other rides), a 0.286-cent value is pretty common for Grab points, and I would suggest waiting for other redemptions. This way, you have the freedom not to be locked into Grab for your rides.

If you’re exclusively using Grab, I guess there’s little harm redeeming these. It’s rare nowadays to get more than 0.286 cents with SP GreenUP nerfed. I’d still wait for any surprise that Grab might have in store for us though. Any surprise that doesn’t involve devaluation, that is.

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