First Look: LumiHealth – Earn up to $380 in HPB eVouchers with your Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you may want to download the free app LumiHealth. The app is a partnership between the government of Singapore and Apple, and is designed to promote and incentivise healthy lifestyles.

It was first announced in September when Apple announced their Series 6 line of Apple Watch, and has been on pre-order since. It is now available for free download and you can start earning coins which you can redeem for HPB eVouchers. Download here for bonus 2,000 points!

Fun and well-designed app

The app has Apple written all over it, and I’m pretty sure their designers had a huge part to play in the development of this app. It features integration with your Apple Watch’s Activity app that I’ve never seen on other third-party apps before, and it uses the Watch’s features to track and reward behaviour.

The app issues various challenges that go beyond merely step counting like most fitness programmes, and this includes activities like breathing mindfully with your Watch or taking a brisk walk outdoors. The Watch isn’t all omniscient of course, so I could say “yes” when asked if I opted for a less sugary drink today. Nonetheless, the app is engaging and fun enough I’ll be using this daily to finish the challenges for my points and rewards… as truthfully as I can.

Points, coins, and vouchers

Completion of various tasks and challenges awards you points which allow you to progress through the various milestones and chapters. Reaching the milestones in turn gives you coins, and every 300 coins is worth $1.

You need at least 1,500 coins to trade for a $5 HPB eVoucher, and the list of merchants accepting them is lengthy enough I’d consider this almost cash, especially when major supermarkets are on board.

The app and news articles surrounding it tout the figure $380 quite a bit, and this amount is for the course of the next 2 years. That’s more than $15 per month, which isn’t too shabby considering this is supposed to be for the good of your own health. My friend managed to do $4.50 on his first day, and I’m going out for my brisk walk challenge soon to see how much I can get today.

Don’t have an Apple Watch yet?

If you don’t have an Apple Watch yet, I found a deal which at time of writing is as much as $40 off the retail price for the new Series 6 model, and $20 off the Apple Watch SE. Pretty decent savings for new Apple products, and if you’re confident of maximising this programme, your Apple Watch almost pays for itself.


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